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U.S. Success Expert Tops the Korean Charts with Best Seller

Dr. Joachim de Posada of the Latino Speakers Bureau tops the Best Sellers in Korea and builds a following with his latest book, “Don’t Eat the Marshmallow yet: The Secret to Sweet Success in Work and Life”

Redondo Beach, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2006--Dr. Joachim de Posada, renowned professional speaker and author who has been a prestigious consultant in the corporate and sports world, has seen his latest book, “Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet: The Secret to Sweet Success in Work and Life”, become a success around the world and now ranks number one on Korea’s best seller lists.

Dr. de Posada is a highly regarded success expert in Latin America and the United States and a member of the Latino Speakers Bureau. He travels around the world as a keynote speaker, sharing his high energy message of leadership and what it takes to succeed. It was unexpected that a Latino author move to the top of the best seller lists in an Asian market so soon, but the author explains how this is due to the message of his book: “This book is a must read for everyone in society. We are now experiencing a wave of ‘instant gratification behavior’ which the marshmallow experiment proves is the behavior of losers. This is a life-defining matter. The book will explain the right behavior, the ability to delay gratification, in an interesting story that captivates everyone's attention and communicates the concept in a very effective manner.”

Based in Puerto Rico, the author was asked how he had learned of his success in Korea and said, “Late last year, I googled the name "Don't Eat the Marshmallow yet" and saw the Korean bestsellers list and a Korean web site. I clicked on it and saw the 20 best sellers in Korea and Marshmallow was number 10. I was very happy for sure. Two weeks later, I decided to check again and didn't find my book at the same level. I immediately thought that it had fallen off the charts and that it had been a brief wave of success. I decided to see who the first ten were and lo and behold, Marshmallow was number 2, right behind Harry Potter. I couldn't believe it. On December 31st I checked the list to see how the year ended and there it was, Marshmallow number one and Harry Potter number 2, and Blink, a bestseller in the US, number 3. I felt ecstatic, not only because this means that the book is successful and it is helping a great segment of Korean society but also as a Hispanic, since this is probably the first time a Hispanic has reached the number one position in Korean bestsellers. It made me feel great that I have been able to contribute in some way to better the perception of Hispanics anywhere in the world.” And he adds, “For the month of January, Marshmallow is still number one on the Korean charts.”

Joachim de Posada has traveled to more than 30 countries and is a highly recognized expert in developing human potential in challenging times.

“Everyone has a different vision of success. The trick is really to learn how to achieve it and enjoy the experience at the same time. It is a more fulfilling journey”, Dr. de Posada explains.

With a unique style and a fresh sense of humor, Dr. Joachim de Posada helps individuals tap into their potential and develop the skills they need to be successful. His success in sports has also been shared with Fortune 500 professionals for more than 25 years. Often quoted by the media in this field, he continues to tour the world with “Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet “ and other keynote messages of success.

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