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A few years ago I was having trouble obtaining gainful employment. Thus I turned to a temporary employment agency in an attempt to make money and stay busy until I found my next job. I discovered that I really enjoyed working labor intensive work, but working for the temp service was not as enjoyable as I had hoped. So, I began to post ads on craigslist offering my services. The majority of work I obtained had to do with labor and moving. I did all sorts of moving jobs whether it was loading, unloading, packing, or unpacking. I would call on family members and friends when I needed help. We were able to help people moving to, or from, San Antonio. Some people just moved within the city; some people needed help picking up something they had purchased (usually very large and/or heavy); and sometimes people needed help moving something heavy around the house.

I have always enjoyed working for myself and being able to set my own schedule. Another benefit of being self-employed was my ability to pick and choose which jobs I wanted to do (the type as well as working around my schedule). I will be honest and admit that I was making more money than I was at the temp service. But, that was my greatest incentive, the fact that I was making more money. I ended up getting acquiring a full time job that enabled me to focus on that job and less on my moving service. However, after a few short months, the owner went bankrupt and we were laid off. I was devastated, but was determined not to return to the temp service. I decided to finish college and was able to do moving jobs around my class schedule. Now that I have graduated with my Bachelors degree I can focus on my moving service full time.

I really enjoy working with my hands and I really enjoy doing moving jobs because we get to move big and heavy objects. I have always had a knack for packing and loading by seeing how everything works like a puzzle. I know where to place everything while we help people load during a move. I have learned throughout the years that most people have an easier time moving when they have assistance, especially when it’s from someone who has moving experience.

I am hoping to grow my moving business in hopes of continuing to do moving and labor work in lieu of having to work for someone else. Recently, I have encountered two obstacles to my moving service: websites and marketing. I have always known that the smartest method to market my moving service is through a website. However, I do not have much experience building websites or marketing. I have begun an attempt to promote my moving service website through Google because it seems like the smartest avenue to follow. If anyone has thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or input they would like to offer or share on how I can promote and grow my moving service, please feel free to contact me. Also, they say that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. That being said, if you know someone that might need a laborer or mover, feel free to tell them about my services. I am almost always available to offer my labor and moving services here in San Antonio. 


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