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Label Networks Releases Hispanic Youth Culture Study

March 27, 02007—Fresh results from Label Networks’ Hispanic Youth Culture Study ’07 illustrates the astounding power, influence, and strength of America’s fast-growing demographic of 13-24-year-olds. As the 2nd largest population group in the United States, knowing what’s taking place and where new opportunities lie, is vital for creating the most successful future business strategies. Results indicate this demographic group represents a new chance for underground brands to make headway, as well as older brands to re-invent themselves with fresh, relevant innovations and crossover product launches.

“In gaining insight from an important and core market segment of youth culture in America, we’ve discovered traits and spending patterns that are creating new market opportunities and influencing the current of trends,” says Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks, a leading global youth culture marketing intelligence and media company. “As the population continues to increase and assimilate, the results show clear patterns of the American cultural melting pot in its fullest effect—plus where things are headed next, particularly in streetwear fashion, sneaker culture, electronics, entertainment, sports, communication, and new media.”

Highlights from the Hispanic Youth Culture Study ’07 include:

Sources for finding out about new brands and styles are greatly influenced from the Streets compared with Stores and Magazines

Top fashion brands crossover mainstream, authentic/older, music-inspired, and top sports and action sports-inspired apparel brands. Interesting to note is that top action-sports inspired brands tend to be higher among females than males.

Brand name is not as influential in terms of buying a specific brand among Hispanic youth culture compared with aspects such as Style, Comfort, and Fit

40.3% believe that the USA is producing the freshest fashion trends, however this is with 56.1% of males compared with only 29.3% of females

92.3% of 13-24-year-olds watch Sports—this is significantly higher than other demographics
Most-wanted electronic purchases indicate strong market opportunities for video gaming platforms among males; iPods among females

Strong sneaker culture exists among Hispanic youth culture, but it crosses borders outside of the typical shell-toe brands and across different top store preferences based on specific reasons

Future Concerns relate more to Success, especially among females, compared with other demographics that rank Happiness as #1

Relationships are a top Future Concern among males which is far higher than females—this is just the opposite from other demographics

The Hispanic Youth Culture Study ’07 includes actionable results, regarding fashion, (with special reports on denim, T-shirts, Shorts, and footwear), Accessories such as backpacks, watches, sunglasses, plus spending patterns, technology + electronics, video gaming, music, action sports, individual + team sports, entertainment patterns, lifestyle traits including religion, future concerns, description of lifestyles, Internet patterns + social networks, cell phones, new media, and lifestyle influences. The subscription package also includes:

Macro Trend Summaries detailing high-level trends written in an easy-to-understand format about the changing landscape of the marketplace within each topic Quantitative Graphs + Charts with Primary data including Topline, by Gender, and Age Groups: 15-17, 18-20, 21-24

Data for the Hispanic Youth Culture Study is based on a representative sampling from of 15-24-year-olds captured during the months of January, February, March, 02007.

The Confidence Level for this Study is 95% with a Confidence Interval of +/- 2.5%.

For information about Label Networks North American, European, Japan, China Youth Culture Studies, the Global Subscription Package, or Profile Reports, contact: info@labelnetworks.com.

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