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HR 4437, only Bad Seeds!

By Juan J Miret

Even if it obvious, it has to be pointed out yet again: Not ONE of the 19 hijackers that killed almost 3,000 people on the tragic September 11, 2001 entered the USA through the border with Mexico.

The bill project HR 4437 pretends to provide a false illusion of security. The cost: Hardworking, undocumented immigrants.

It is implausible, about 232 congressmen who are supposed to be some of the best informed people in the world, voted, last December 2005 in favor of an amendment to build a wall between the USA and Mexico. It’s hard to visualize how $8 billion dollars could be so blithely thrown away. You do not need to be a Nobel Prize Winner to understand that if you build a 692 mile wall on a 1,948 mile border, there’s still a 1,256 mile gap for anyone who wants to cross into the USA with no visa.
Congressman and Senators know that the wall, the evil product of the HR 4437, will not stop illegal immigration, few members of the Congress dare to be seen as week in the wear against terror. That’s populism at its worst.

HR 4437 and the wall cannot succeed.

A step back is not an option. We must start acting right now, before the bill project is approved in the Senate.
Let’s contact the members of the congress at www.congress.org, once there, select “Your Congress Member”. Or, call the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121

Defeating anti immigrant bill project HR 4437 and minuteman group is achievable.

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