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Graduation rates of minorities ahead of ntl average at UConn

STORRS, Conn. -- AP - Figures show that the graduation rate of minority students at the University of Connecticut is in line with the rate for the whole student body and well ahead of the national average.

From 1993 to 2003, the minority student graduation rate at UConn increased from 58 percent to 69 percent. The rate for all students was 69.8 percent.

The figures are based on the number of students enrolled in a freshman class who earn their degree in six years, a standard measure.

National statistics are not yet available for 2003, but preliminary figures from 2002 put the national minority graduation rate at 42.2 percent, compared with a national rate for all students of 50.6 percent, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

UConn's graduation rate in 2002 was 65 percent for minorities and 69.4 percent for all students.

UConn officials point to three main factors including attracting better students, providing advisory and other services to help students succeed and making minority students feel comfortable on campus.

"It's a strategic priority of the University of Connecticut to reach out and diversify and provide opportunity and access for the sons and daughters of Connecticut residents," M. Dolan Evanovich, the university's vice provost of enrollment management. "It's very important that the university continue to attract the very best and brightest and most diverse group of graduates."

Among Hispanics at UConn, the graduation rate rose above that of the student body as a whole from 1993 to 2003; 72 percent of Hispanic students graduated in 2003, compared with 47 percent in 1993. Among black students, 68 percent graduated in 2003, compared with 55 percent 10 years ago.

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