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By Juan J Miret

Let’s talk about feet.

Feet are not the same in the United States. There are feet that only touching American soil are welcome. However, there are another ones, after crossing the border, immediately discarded. Let’s glimpse the ample immigration field about feet. Let’s see which ones are accepted and which one will be shattered.

In first place, the US government does not like wet feet. For example, if a Cuban, sailed 90 miles from Havana to the Florida coast and in the precarious voyage is stopped, then, one way ticket to Fidel’s land will be issued. Also, if someone crossed the border swimming the Bravo River (americans called it Grande), and a detention occurred: Deportation is the prize. In summary: Wet Feet will cause deportation, no matter your origin.

By the other hand, Dry Feet is a very different matter. If a Cuban dissident escaped the hostile regime of Fidel and stay victorious against the strong water currents and the sharks are not very hungry, and finally can touch a little piece of American soil: EUREKA! He or She will be a Permanent Resident after one year and one day of the arrival.
The sad part of the story is when the Coast Guard tries to stop and send back home those dissidents. Using fabulous up-to-the-minute and high-speed boats against old car tires improvising as boats. So many times, the TV has broadcasted those indignant images.

However, having Dry Feet will not be a welcoming sign in the Land of Freedom for everyone.
For example, if a Mexican crossed the border, and the feet are dry: It does not matter at all. He or She will have to run and hide in the Arizona, Texas or California.
Unfair, maybe. Why the law protects a group and make it harder for others. We could day that Cubans are coming from 47 years of a brutal tyranny. Also, they have people in the congress, and they knock the door over and over again until someone open it. They make noise until someone start listening, they act TOGETHER.

So, part of the solution is acting together. Step back: NO, never will be an option. Let’s walk together and We’ll be victorious.

The Illegal Immigration is a fact. Cannot be denied. The sun cannot be blocked with a finger, someone said long time ago an far away. Even more, in the minute you have taken to read this article one immigrant has crossed the border, and that happens day and night, day in and day out. The reason: The United Stated pays 10 or 15 times more that any other country in Latin America. Indeed, the economy for the majority of the countries of the latin area improved 5.5% last year, that is not enough for the millions of brothers and sisters who need to work so they can feed their families.

A wall will not stop them. A racist bill project will not stop them. Wet or Dry Feet will not stop them.

It’s time to buy new shoes, waterproof, it’s time to protect our feet.

p.s. : Senator John McCain and Senator Edward Kennedy has started several meeting in Florida, Chicago and California in order to propose a new immigration project that can benefits more than 11 millions of undocumented workers. Check the congress web site and write to them. The only way to be succeed: MAKE NOISE.

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