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Notes Of Author artist
Of Naguabo
David Aponte Resto

One native {Cacique } Taino noblemen from the Northeast side of island of Borinquen. In a place called Naguabo synonyms of rain forest giver of life's Water { Agua} The native of the place are called the soaked ones {Enchumbaos}
I can tell you that it’s not because it rains all of the time. As a resident of the high hills of Naguabo a place called Monte Cristo, Pena Pobre in the town of Naguabo. We have to our back {punta del este} in el Yunque rain forest and to the front of us the coast line of the island northeast side. Living here for some time now make me want to try look back too the old world ways called, the ancestral way. How can one connect with the old ways of thinking and doing. With the ancestral art, Petroglyph left too follow. That can be found all over the island in our rivers and caves. All over the island, one can find Petroglyph. if this monument I call Reverence get the people to start looking for more of the old ways all over the island we as a people will come to a better understanding of ourselves.
I truly believe that all artist are gifted with the {don} or the way of seeing. Able to see deep into time it’s self.
Reverence is a monument that will show to all that come to Naguabo to see and feel a big part Of the ancestral ways and see the great spirit of life. I as a medium in the art field of sculpture in my vision quest have found this work of art in the rain forest of el Yunque the great Rio Blanco. In hopes That my art may in some way become synonyms of the places and of its people of ancestral heritage Tainos to look at life as being in all that is and is not.
in my vision quest one of the tools that I use is called Visualisation. Where it becomes possible to see into another dimension, where you look to the river stream that come from this mountains of the great rain forest of El Yunque rio Blanco rio Daguao, rio Santiago,rio Cubuy, rio Sabana, rio Icacos, rio Prieto y las quebradas Pena Pobre, Sonadora, Vaca, Maizalez, Palmas, Botijas y quebrada Grande. are the rivers that can be seen in his left hand as he offers they waters to the mankind of the island.
I notices This Cacique keeled down in this stream He's eyes where closers mouth wide open tongue out tasting the waters that come from the heavens on too his right hand. That receives it from the Gods a great rain Drop that brake in the palm of his hand Five pillars for stones fingers as totems receives six streams that pour out from his hand one that runs to his mouth the others three stream to the world and from his mouth to all part of his body assuming the places called {Abtay} As I looked on to his left hand i could see water in the shape of {punta del este} east point where I think El Yunque got it real name from the spanish conquistadors Yunque for anvil it,s believe that the conquistador would point to this mountain to show were the gold mines were. Stream of the rivers from his left palm The Cacique and as I try to call his attention this was not to be. As I look at his gold bracelets all covered of. Petroglyph of gold from the caves and and rivers of the mountain Petroglyph from a near by river called Rio Blanco. Puchos Place where I started my trip Hope You Like it. Would love to see your comments on the page Thank again David el indio some of my writing may not be that good, for art is my forte. help is so badly needed to get this project on it's way

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