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Hello, my name is Hugo Lembert of American Latino Media, LLC.

In the past year, American Latino Media has been working on a social platform that is unique to the US bicultural identity. American Latino is designed to provide insight to the general public about the Hispanic experience in the United States and empower our community in such process. The site intends to express opinions and offer an understanding of social, political and economic developments as they affect Americans of Hispanic and Latino origin. 

Americanlatino.com needs your help in its quest to educate ourselves and our fellow Americans.  We are interested in learning about your life experience; your aspirations; your concerns about the political, social and economic direction of our country; and our role and responsibility to shape a sound economic and political fabric for our future as a nation.  
Americanlatino.com wants to let the world to know about Hispanic contributions to the advancement of our nation.

Americanlatino.com wants the world to understand your challenges.  What is your role in shaping the economic and political fabric of our community? How are we contributing to the advancement of our nation?  What are your plans for the future? How does it feel to be born Latino in the US? 

Americanlatino.com is YOU. What we offer is a platform with a brand unique to our identity, where you are free to express your views and gain community recognition.  We would like to speak with contributors interested in writing about Arts and Entertainment, Business and Technology, Education, Politics, Travel, Sports, Latino Food and Wine, Fashion, Identity/ Culture, Health and Wellness. 

As an aspiring writer/ journalist, blogger and/ or business owner, you would become part of a very exciting and meaningful undertaking.  Please contact me at 703-346-5747 or HLembert@americanlatino.com for details.



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Comment by Janelle Meraz Hooper on July 4, 2011 at 10:00am

This sounds like an interesting project. I'm very interested in the cultural aspects of Hispanic people because I think we have a lot to offer this country.

If you have time, check out my websites and blog to see if you think I could fit in anywhere:




Happy Fourth!

Janelle Meraz Hooper

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