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4 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Designing and Decorating the Bathroom

The bathroom does not have to be a boring and plain place because there are so many décor options that will make it functional and beautiful. By making the right décor choices you can give your bathroom a spa like environment.

Designing and decorating the bathroom can be challenging as you try to keep it functional, hygienic while making it unique and gorgeous.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid if you want to have the perfect bathroom.

Skimping on storage:

The storage is essential part of bathroom if you want to keep it organized, clean and gorgeous. If you do not have adequate storage space in the bathroom then there will be clutter as there will be no proper place for bathroom products, bathrobes and extra large bath sheets. The storage space often becomes a problem when the bathrooms are small but you can find the right storage solutions by being a little creative. You can create a mixture of closed and open storage so that the room looks fantastic without compromising the storage space.

Ignoring the floor:

While decorating you should pay attention to the floor of the bathroom because it has a significant impact on the comfort of the bathroom. Choose the tile styles carefully so that they can improve the aesthetics of the bathroom. Heated floors are a perfect addition as they will make sure that you do not have step on cold floor after taking a hot shower.

If you are adding tiles to the floor then you should make the decision carefully. There is an extensive variety of colors, patterns, sizes and material. If you have a small bathroom then it is better to choose large tiles as it makes the place look bigger. You also have to consider the durability of the tiles so that you do not have to change them every time you renovate.

The wrong lighting:

The lighting is often added to the bathroom as an afterthought because it is essential for its functionality. Bathrooms are often dark and if you do not pay attention to the lighting then you will fail to create the ambiance that you want. Dull lighting will fail to highlight the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Add more than one lighting source so that the room is well-lit. You can also use decorative lighting options like a fancy lamp or a small chandelier.

Old and worn out accessories:

When decorating the bathroom you should always give priority to the accessories. There is no point in adding luxurious and spa like decorations if the accessories you are using are outdated because they will still make the place look cheap. Updating the accessories should always be your priority because they will not just improve the appearance but also the comfort level of the bathroom. Changing cabinet hardware, shower heads, faucets, lighting fixtures and other accessories is quick and affordable. Small things like handles of drawers, towel racks, etc. can make a huge difference. Updating the accessories can make the whole place look new and fresh.

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