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Abrubpt Discontinuance of Medications is Against the Law.

I am surprised to find out that a jail can withhold inmates psychiatric medications for three days. For those who were sent there from a Public Guardianship/Conservatorship/different county the doctors who have jurisdiction over him should be the prescribing doctors, They try desperately to him the mistakes of all of each others employees at the expense. health and safety of the mental heath client and/or inmate. Don't let this happen to your loved one we need reforms Immedicately!

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Occupy American Psychiatric Association

May 5, and 6th. PsychRights James Gottstein. Robert Whitaker and Jacki McKinney, MSW speakers on May 6th in Philadelphia.

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Freedom of Speech

I will definitely go to blog instead of trying to connect where my comments areof no interest. I am extremely tired so I don'thave much to talk about except I am going to use my Freedom of Speech while we still havethat privilege.

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The John H. Chaffee Foster Care Independence Program

Please visit James Gottstein at PsychRights.org. Find out what the State of Alaska is doing about the exploitation of children and families.

If foster parents are going to have children in their custody, they should prepare the children for aging out of the system. Not for homelessness and being fodder for institutional abuse, (The new generation of homelessness.)

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Beverly Tran and Yvonne Mason

Please visit these websites and get informed on what has been going on for years. In my opinion they have broken the laws. There should be full fledged investigations as to the quantities of psychotropics (addicting chemical restraints) being used on the elderly (Medicare) and the children and young adults(Medicaid).


Collusion is when they are conspiring together for material gain and mind control. Here I am sitting in front of a computer. I believe in freedom of…


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The Baltimore Sun

April 10, 2011

Prescription Drug Abuse; US Announces strategies to reduce pain killer abuse, reduce over doses.

By Marissa Cevallos, Health Key  dated April 20, 2011.  Thw reason why I am passing along this information is because tomorrow is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Collection sites can be found by zip codes or address.

By Marissa Cevallos continued:

Please vist this site.

The Report "Epidemic: Responding to…


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