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February 2016 Blog Posts (7)

All I need is data – and a mobile / Todo lo que necesito son datos - y un celular

By the time you read the first lines of this article almost 4 million Facebook users have liked a post on the social media and created a massive wave of data reverberating across the web. And it will only keep on growing as more humans and things are joining Internet.

To make it more…


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Where have all the jobs gone? / Donde han ido los empleos?

It feels like jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate and the end is near for the employment as we know it, but is it? For cyclical economic activities like Oil & Gas this has been the case forever and the key always has been to identify the trend and how it evolved until a new one takes…


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Virtual Supply Chain Reality / Realidad Virtual de la Cadena de Abastecimiento

Now that business models are being challenged by the global economic situation it is a good time to imagine your day-to-day job as a Supply Chain professional in a foreseeable future. The first thing you do every…


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To change or not to change? / Cambiar o no?

It took 100 years to detect the gravitational waves after Einstein predicted their existence. This is a clear statement of the world we live where we take things for granted and why you have to revisit your deepest assumptions on a regular basis. It was only after tuning up a couple of costly detectors (…


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They are here / Ya llegaron

Chances are that in your next assignment or job a robot will be part of the team. Some members will take it as normal as it can be while others may struggle just with the idea of crossing paths with the new asset. Should I greet or wait? Soon we will need a …


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Death by rut / Muerte por tedio

The path back to profitability for Oil & Gas companies is going to be lubricated by an innovative lining but it will take more the usual discipline and rigour to come up with solutions, it will require an opening of the hierarchical organizations. And a new culture.

The Supply Chain is a battlefield where innovation irrupts every day challenging the…


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Primary reasons / Razones primarias

The Oil & Gas industry is seemingly on the verge of collapse and it may take more than conventional measures to cut costs in order to survive as we know it. We’ve learned about increased efficiencies and throughput (US increased 80% production between 2008-2014) and yet today experts see a 20% chance of the US falling into recession this year in the shadow of a…


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