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Luis Guillermo Lenero
  • Male
  • Euless, TX
  • United States
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Profile Information

about me
I have worked in Mexico as Sales Consultant, and Sales Closer, at Mayan Resorts group, and in the past as Marketing Administrative at JyPesa (Jabones y productos especializados S.A.) where I designed new products for this soap and amenities company. ------------------- I have always enjoyed to help solving problems of motivation and personality with the sales team that I was in charge of, because those who want to sale something, first need to sale their own good advise of the product or service that they offer to the people, trying to serve well,and not just for their personal need of the profit.
what is your current, past or ideal job title?
Communicator, or Sales Closer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
There are so many things that I try to understand,

And I search my mind seeking to find an answer,

But the more I get answers I seem to find more questions,

Like how does life begin & what happens when we die.

The meaning only God can know and man is forbidden to see;

Great minds before me have tried to find the word,

And men will seek the mystic obstacles of the nameless,

But their silent passageways reveal not a sound.

The answer to a mystery in our mind is God…

The answer to the mystery in the world is mankind,

Only man can know and understand in the universe,

Great things are about to be seen and understood,

But the answer to the mystery of the mystery, is love.

I love you sons...
what languages do you speak?
Spanish (Native) - - - English (Fluent)
what countries have you lived in?
Mexico and United States
what's your Hispanic connection?
I understand and explain the human behavior in the same terms that Abraham H. Maslow (1908-1970) explained, pointing to the basic requirements for survival and growth. - - - - - These requirements, or needs, are arranged according to their importance for survival and their power to motivate the individual growth or development. - - - - - - - The most basic physical requirements, such as food, water, or oxygen, constitute the lowest level of the need hierarchy. These needs must be satisfied before other higher needs become important to individuals. - - - - - - Needs at the higher levels of the hierarchy are less oriented towards physical survival and more toward psychological well-being and growth. - - - - - - - - These needs have less power to motivate persons, and they are more influenced by formal education and life experiences. - - - - - - - - - - The resulting hierarchy of needs is often depicted as a pyramid, with physical survival needs located at the base of the pyramid and needs for self-actualization located at the top. -- -- -- -- -- Maslow's hierarchy specifies the following levels:

Physiological needs: These are the basic requirements for human physical survival. They include such essentials as food, water, shelter, oxygen, and sleep. When these needs are unmet, human beings will focus on satisfying them and will ignore higher needs. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Safety needs: Once the individual's basic physical needs are met, his or her needs for safety emerge. These include needs for a sense of security and predictability in the world. The person tries to maintain the conditions that allow him or her to feel safe and avoid danger. ((( Maslow thought that inadequate fulfillment of these needs might explain neurotic behavior and other emotional problems in some people.))) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Love and belonging needs: When the individual's physiological and safety needs are met, needs for love and belongingness emerge. These needs include longings for an intimate relationship with another person as well as the need to belong to a group and to feel accepted. - - - - - Maslow emphasized that these needs involve both giving and receiving love. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Esteem needs: Esteem needs include both self-esteem and the esteem of others. Self-esteem is the feeling that one is worthwhile, competent, and independent. - - - - - The esteem of others involves the feeling that other people respect and appreciate the person. Once the person has satisfied his or her basic needs, concerns about worthiness emerge. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The focus becomes not just surviving, but doing well according to meaningful communal standards. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Self-actualization needs: These are the needs associated with realizing one's full potential. As these needs emerge, the person focuses on doing what he or she is meant to do in life —> developing his or her talents and abilities to their fullest extent.
where did you learn about nshp.org?

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At 7:50pm on August 16, 2011, Marie Castro said…

Hello Luis!

Welcome to NSHP!!

Great Bio, I had to study up on Maslow for one of my psyche classes a couple of semesters ago,thanks for that refreshing report!! ;-)

Please join us in the DFW chapter!

I pray you find much success on this site.

Marie Castro

DFW chapter group admin  


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With 25,000+ members, the National Society for Hispanic Professionals is the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals.



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