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Welcome, everyone to the Washington, DC area group! I hope everyone will come in this thread and tell us a little bit about yourself.... Where you are originally from, what you do, what you like best about DC, your favorite books, foods, etc.

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Hello Ricardo and DC group!
My name is JP Godoy and my wife and I recently moved to NOVA from Greenville, SC. Prior to that we lived in Boston for 7 years.
I am originally from Puerto Rico and my backgound is in Journalism, food industry, staffing and Banking. Pretty diverse and random background, I know but feel that all fields have given me the ability to connect and relate with people of all backgrounds.'
I'm looking to connect with Hispanic professionals and hope to foster a mutual relationship that can help us, the ever growing Hispanic community, continue to make a positive impact in the US.
On my spare time, I am very active and passionate about politics. I worked on Obama;s campaign for over a year as a volunteer and am very happy the direction our country is taking. I enjoy reading, outdoor activities and spending quality time with my wife, family and great friends. I enjoy all foods as long as it is international. But truly miss eating alcapurias, pasteles and arroz con gandules!
I am very exicted and happy to have moved to this area. I look forward to spending time with all of you in the near fure. Thanks and feliz ano nuevo!

Hello everybody!!!!
My name is Mariana and I have just moved to Centreville, VA. I am an HR Assistant at Guest Services, which is a major government cafeteria and hospitality management firm in the DC area. We also own and operate resorts, restaurants and hotels around the country. I was born and raised in Brazil (therefore I speak Portuguese), and I have been living in the US for about 9 years. I also speak conversational Spanish.
The diversity in this area is what I love the most about it. The fact I can enter a store and feel as if I am in China, and then, minutes later, I can go inside another business and feel as if I am in Afghanistan, for example, is what may make me stay here for the rest of my life.
I can't wait to participate in events in our area, so we can all interact and network!!!
Hello everyone,

My name is Hugo J. Lembert from Reston, Virginia, a DC suburb located 18 miles NW of the District. I am originally from New York City and moved to Reston about 7 years. Both my parents migrated from the Dominican Republic in the late 40's and established themselves in NY. I was sent to middle and secondary school to Santo Domingo before coming back to the US. I am bilingual and bicultural and have devoted most of my career to the media industry with focus on product, business development, sales and marketing.

My interests include Film, Reading, History, World Social and Political developments and Music. Current projects very much invlove working with the Hispanic population sector, as I am eager to contribute to our advancement within mainstream media, politics and business. I am interested in meeting like-mined professionals to exchange notes and build meaningful freindships that would benefit us all.
Hello everybody,

My name is James Marmolejo, I am Mechanical Engineer with 15 years of experience working for metal-mechanic and food companies as project engineer, On-site engineer, Sales and Distribution Chief and Plant Manager in my last position. I moved recently to Richmond, VA with my wife and nine years old Esteban. Because I am holding an H-4 visa; I am looking for a sponsorship to obtain my H-1B visa and the opportunity to get a job.

I am from Colombia; I enjoy swimming, soccer, dancing, watch movies, good food and spend quality time with my family. I am very excited for be part of this group, meet good people and share information for our mutual benefit.
Hello Everyone,

My name is Carolina Quick. I recently moved to Rockville MD after living for two years in London. Where I worked as a researcher for a Labour MP at the House of Commons and also studied for Masters degree in International Public Policy at University College London. Due to my father’s job I grew up overseas in Argentina, Spain and Mexico and feel Latin at heart :) Although I am really half Greek half American. I am currently translating for a small company who employs 15 gentlemen from El Salvador. I am actively looking for job, as a program officer with an NGO or to become in a project that works with the Latin American Community here is DC metro area.
I love traveling, art, reading and music I currently sing in a Latino Choir here in DC- Coral Cantigas. I look forward to meeting you all.
Hello all,

I'm happy to be a member of NSHP. I have been in the D.C. area for almost 15 years now, having moved here from Los Angeles, CA where I attended school. Prior to that, I was born and raised in Guatemala, and lived in Mexico for a few years.

I have been working for Sprint in Reston, VA, for about a year now and I have enjoyed working on and learning to manage their Spanish-language online store/website. This has represented a huge career change for me, after spending 7 years working as a contractor with the DHHS/NIH specializing in health services information and promotion for Hispanics/Latinos. I think it is important to explore new avenues and opportunities and to diversify one's skills and experience in this shaky job market.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and expanding my professional and social network in the region.
Hellow: My name is Maria Santiago and I am actually living in Orlando, Fl. You know, Mickey Mouse Land, but not any more since this recession, (especially mortgage and real estate business) has hit us so hard that I will have to move to Washington this month. I am planning to attend the fair on the 21st.to see if I am able to find a job. I have a B A in Arts, goverment experience (work at La Fortaleza y El Capitolio, San Juan PR) and I am bilingual-bi cultural. Love to work with people, very commited to peoples need, professional, responsible, hard worker and not afraid of taking any risks. Love politics. I am very interested in find a goverment job. Please let me know if any of you have something in mind. See you people in Washington soon and God bless.....
Hello everyone,
My name is Sergio Arango and I live in S. Arlington. I went to high school in MD, but Virginia's energy and proximity to DC had me move here almost 16 years ago. I have worked in different office environments, mostly in international development and conservation organizations, in the Information Systems arena. My most recent job was a systems' engineer and I also work as an consultant providing IT services to small-businesses. I am a passionate 'computer geek' but I always make it a priority to spend time with my wife (btw - we are newly weds!), immediate family and friends. I enjoy museums, art, traveling, soccer, music, and comedy venues. I also have the desire to run a marathon this year, so if there are any professional runners out there that have any words of wisdom, your comments will be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone just want to connect feel free to contact me directly.
Hello Ricardo and fellow members,
I am a financial professional who grew up in the Washington DC area. I truly love this dynamic and beautiful city within a park. My parents met and started their family here at a time when you could buy a large single family home for $35,000.00. This is an example of inflation at its best. My Irish-American father is an engineer who had served in the US Army, and my mother is a Mexican journalist that worked for the World Bank in DC. I speak English and Spanish and am studying French. My next language will be Italian.
I paint in oils, play golf and enjoy live music and cooking. My favorite raw food is definitely the avocado with fresh lime juice and salt, oh, and hot peppers of all kinds, of course.
Thanks for accepting my membership Ricardo, I look forward to working with your organization.
Hello Everyone

My name is Karen Moses and I have been living in Maryland for almost 5 years now. I currenly live in Waldorf, MD but feel out of touch with my people. Do you guys ever get together? It would be nice to meet people of silimar interests.
Hi everyone!
I am relocating to Washington DC, from FL, in a couple of days. I have a Masters degree in International Business and Marketing and have thorough working experience as an International Business and Market Analyst. I am moving to the DC area to pursue my career goals and ambitions and become part of a strong, powerful mission.
Hello Natalia
what have you found so far here in DC? I studied in your native Colombia
and I am hopeful for Mockus/Fajardo. I myself look to find a concern
apt to receive the best products and services of Latin America or give
our best to Latin America for mutual benefit. I have worked for giants
like Schlumberger and VeriSign but these had only limited presence
in the Southern Hemisphere. Bienvenida.


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