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Hello everyone!

In these difficult times, NETWORKING is the best way to stay alive and at the head of the spear. With cutting edge technology and in the hay day of the information era, one must be able to communicate effectively.

Nothing new to most of the people who are in these type of messaging boards, but it is a whole new world to many Hispanics who either don’t know any better of simply refuse to advance.

In my line of work I offer advertising services to many business owners, and I find that many of them tell me that they don’t believe in the internet, some of them don’t even have a fax.

In an age when the richest people in the world are in the communication business, it is no wonder why sometimes a lot of these folks sink in.

The company that I work for once gave me permission to offer a free advertising package to one vendor to serve as pilot. In my mind I knew exactly who would be the best candidate to receive this ($1500. value) free promotion.

Typical of many business owners, that tell their subordinates to deny anyone access to them, it was hard to communicate with the relatively young entrepreneur, after many calls to give something totally free of any obligation, I finally reached him. He kept searching for the “catch” or the “hook”, thinking it was bait, and flat out refused an opportunity to reach, more than 150,000 homes in the Alameda County! By print alone, and only George knows how many by online media.

Needless is to say, I passed it on to someone else, who still does not understand the magnitude of his award. But when the time comes I am sure he will be appreciative, and maybe treat me for dinner at his restaurant some day. ;0)

Why is it that many HISPANIC business owners do prefer to do business with the their counterpart? I had one Body Shop owner (in SSF) who flat out told me he didn’t like to do business with “Mexicans”, (mind you he told me he is from Nayarit and came to the states in 1980). On a different occasion a lady told me very angry that she was tired answering her phone to give out price quotes to Hispanics…I typically just leave quietly and don’t respond but that time I just couldn’t help telling her: “Many would love to have your ‘problem’, for their problem is that their phone does not ring at all”. I can’t describe the expression on her face.

In 1996 I had this great idea, to create a website dedicated to the wedding industry, but everyone I told my idea, including my former spouse, heard me with glazed eyes and the “uh huh” response we all heard at some time in our lives, from some one else who think we’re all lunatics. Then I thought of a directory…the same. I had very little support from anyone, and when I pitched my idea to my former employer he brought it up at one of his rotary meetings before the congregation, and voila, someone picked up and of course he took all the credit.

This may seem to be going all over the place, but the bottom line is that we need to NETWORK. As I went to the last JOB FAIR I was very impressed by the way the sponsors and their representatives had their displays. I was there towards the middle of the function so the lunch room was full, presuming with people working the floor. I take my hat off to NSHP and LatPro (in addition to anyone else who made it possible).

Here in the bay area there is some one I highly respect, for his involvement in bringing people together (in general, not only the Hispanic/Latin community) Mr. Cesar Plata. I am sure whenever he arrives in this portal, that would be someone worth listening to, because he knows how to network. He is the creator of muybueno.net. Great guy to know.

I leave you here, and look forward to continue reading everybody’s posts. If you have time please visit some of my WebPages:


Hasta la proxima!

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I'm glad you were able to make it to the San Jose fair! Thanks for sharing your insight on the value and importance of marketing with us! If you haven't already, would you please send Mr. Cesar Plata an invitation to join the network and our California group? Thanks!
Good Morning Vanessa,

I will send him an invite today.


Rigo thanks for your wonderful insight on how valuable and important it is to Network. I agree 100% on this. I am constantly networking. I too have dreams, goals and ideas that I would like to be heard and I get the rolling eyes from some of my friends and family as well. I will check out the sites too. Check out www.meetup.com when you get a chance okay!! Let me know what you think.
Hi Marie,

Is a pleasure to share, my experience hoping they will be useful some day, and maybe they will make a difference. I did check out MeetUP and in fact I posted a meeting there for all the Salsa Lovers in the region.

Thank you and let's stay in touch.

Best regards,



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With 25,000+ members, the National Society for Hispanic Professionals is the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals.



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