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Sound off: Do you think diversity and inclusion training could do more harm than good?

I read this article on PilotOnline today and I found the notion fascinating and I'd love to hear some additional opinions.

In the article the author Philip Walzer suggests that many companies may be doing more harm than good by requiring mandatory diversity training for their employees.

The theory is that being forced to attend training or seminars which often mainly focus on legal ramifications of being culturally insensitive can actually cause more hostility and exclusion in a workforce than promoting acceptance and inclusion.

Researchers instead suggest making these training opportunities voluntary.

What do you think? Could voluntary diversity and inclusion sessions within a company be more beneficial than mandatory ones? Check out the article and sound off!

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What I find incredible is that there should exist any kind of diversity training at all. What kind of education have we been getting at home and in school that has apparently turned us all into insensitive, ignorant boobs? Or is this just one more example of political correctness gone berserk? On one hand I see a society where more than ever race, creed or color is no longer a factor in relationships and never a thought given to it, while on the other everyone lives in fear of offending someone else because of something taken out of context.

While prejudice of any kind is nothing more that ignorance and has no place in society, much less in the workplace, you can't shove diversity training down people's throats without causing some resentment.
It is an interesting outlook.

One's heart cannot be legislated, so requiring that folks take diversity training could create some backlash. Let's also talk about what is included in diversity training. The focus too many times is on "minority" groupsnd such as people of color, LGBT, and disabled people. The foundation of the workshop is what I have an issue with. This programming reinforces the idea that the mainstream is White... whatever that means. If you want to include all ethnicities, we have to include many nationalities, sexual orientations, physical representations, etc.

I do see how being forced to learn about how sensitive other groups are might be annoying. We are all working on eggshells in mortal fear that we might unknowingly offend someone.


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