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Hello everyone! I'm so excited to see how much this group has grown in the last couple weeks! Thanks to everyone for joining and inviting your friends. Please continue to do so!

Since we're all new to one another, I thought I'd start a discussion for introductions. Tell us a little about yourself, whatever you want to share! I'll start.

My name is Vanessa
I am a Public Relations professional
I'm married and have no children
We just bought our first home
I'm a "dog person" yet I have two rescued tabby cats named Mr. Daisy and Buster
My favorite food is brick oven pizza with artichokes, feta cheese and fresh tomatoes.
My favorite TV show is Project Runway
And I am thrilled to be part of this group and look forward to watching membership and participation grow!

Your turn! What would you like to share?

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Hola a todos

My name is Javier Maltese my nick name is Javi
I'm a Quality Assurance manager per trade but for the las 10 years I have been working in the staffing area for different staffing companies, open my own staffing office on July of this year but I think the timing is not good for this type of business at this moment so I will close and open perhaps in 2 years again.So I will be looking for a job soon.
I'm married and have e children (Chiara 30, Vesna 26, and Xavier 23)
I live in Fremont California.
I like to dance salsa and merenge music (I am from Peru)
And looking forward to help this group grow.
My name is Cameron and I am an Aflac agent.
I am married and I have three children.
I have a cat named Tipper.
My favorite food is seafood and my wife makes an awesome brazilian beans and meat dish.
My favorite show is Bill Maher on HBO.
Most of my business is working with the spanish-speaking community in the Southern Calif. area. They really appreciate having access to Aflac's benefits. I studied in Bogota, Colombia.
Hello everyone.

My name is Rebekah aka Becky
I am a current grad student at the University of San Diego where I recently completed my undergrad in accounting
I'm married with two children (11 and 5)
No pets but would love to surprise my kids with a puppy
My favorite food is maduros con queso frito (Nicaraguan)
Don't watch too much television so I don't have a favorite show
And am also excited to be a part of this group and hopefully make new friends, especially out here in San Diego!
My name is Maribel. I'm the VP and Director of Client Services at Zuno Studios, a boutique design shop in Redondo Beach.
I'm married and my two little dogs, Dulse and PeeAir, are my children (for now anyway)
I'm here to make new friends within the Hispanic community. For most of my career I've focused on working in the Hispanic marketing industry and I absolutely love it.
My name is Leonor
I am the founder of the Latino Speakers Bureau and a health insurance broker
I'm married and have 2 children
We have a house for rent in Sedona.
I'm a "dog person" and once had a 125 Rottie. Now we have 2 cats, Figgie and Jade
My favorite food is tacos al pastor, which I discovered living in Mexico City.
My favorite TV show is Fringe
And I am looking forward to meeting more Latinos here who are business owners!
I am Sandra
I was born and raised in Colombia
I graduated form Universidad de los Andes in Business Administration
I relocated to the SF area last July with my Husband.
I have been looking for a job since then with no luck.
My last job was as Operations Manager for a Hedge Fund in Miami.
If anyone has any referrals in San Francisco or any leads for jobs please let me know.
Latino Physician Executive looking to collaborate with other Latino Health Care professionals in Southern California. Do we have any others ?

My name is Carlos.

I am a recent graduate student from the University of Minnesota with a masters in landscape architecture.
My bachelors degree is in environmental design/landscape planning.
I love dogs and enjoy the arts in may forms (music, earthworks, film, dance, theater).
At the moment, I am looking to network and find a job in the Bay Area or in Southern California related my field.(urban landscape design and planning)
I have a website as well: www.carlosprincipe.net
My favorite food is Mexican and Thai - and I love to meet new people.

Gracias : )
My name is Dan.
I am a Certified Athletic Trainer.
I work for a non-profit Sports Medicine group in Los Angeles that places full-time Certified Athletic Trainers in L.A. Public High Schools.
I am the Coordinator for the program and the Head Athletic Trainer at Manual Arts High School.
I attended the University of New Mexico and Florida International University.
I am an avid salsero, play Beach Volleyball and Rock Band on the weekends.


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