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Hello everyone! I'm so excited to see how much this group has grown in the last couple weeks! Thanks to everyone for joining and inviting your friends. Please continue to do so!

Since we're all new to one another, I thought I'd start a discussion for introductions. Tell us a little about yourself, whatever you want to share! I'll start.

My name is Vanessa
I am a Public Relations professional
I'm married and have no children
We just bought our first home
I'm a "dog person" yet I have two rescued tabby cats named Mr. Daisy and Buster
My favorite food is brick oven pizza with artichokes, feta cheese and fresh tomatoes.
My favorite TV show is Project Runway
And I am thrilled to be part of this group and look forward to watching membership and participation grow!

Your turn! What would you like to share?

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My name is Brisa
I am a Junior Broker for a foreign exchange brokerage firm
I'm married and have 4 kids (6,5,2,9mos.)
Prior to this job my husband and I traded the foreign exchange didn't went too well
I have 2 dogs
My favorite food is Mexican food
I am very excited about joining this group and look forward to meeting all of you soon.
Hello Everyone,

My name is Beatriz and I'm an event marketing rep for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
I'm a childhood cancer survivor and since then have dedicated my time to any related cause.
My favorite shows are Project Runway (and pretty much anything on Bravo channel), and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
I am a huge fan of baseball and I'm so sad my Dodgers didn't go all the way. Next year they will.
I've lived in CA all my life, but love to travel to so many parts outside of CA. Haven't gone international other than Mexico which I love to visit because my grandparents are there.
Hi ~ my name is Clara Maris Andres. I just graduated from Mills College in Oakland where I earned my MBA. I am currently looking for a job, if you know of anyone who is hiring shoot me an email at candres@mills.edu. Thanks!
Why should you hire me? I'm great with all types of people and have many adaptable business skills that can strengthen you business, from the inside doing research and financial analysis or on the outside with sales and business development. My diverse experience; from doing project development in Latin America to studying politics and policy with Barbara Lee make me a great person to work with.
Hi everybody,
I am a master student of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford and I will finish this year. I am interested in developing a career in business consulting and quantitative analysis. I am single and just came here last year from Peru. My hobbies are principally to play tennis, do some hiking, read about many things, watch some good movies and hang out with friends.
I am very motivated and collaborative and willing to contribute with this community as much as possible. Please, let me know if I can be of any help in any activity you made.

I am very happy to join this group and keep in touch with the hispanic community in California. Thanks for this great opportunity.

Saludos a todos,

Gino Sedano
My name is Patricia (no nickname)

I am an HR/Payroll Administrator.
I have been married for 13yrs, I have a 14yr old son and 13 yr old daughter.
I became one of those dog people that babies the dog...I have a 2yr old Shih-Tzu/Maltese named Lulu.
I started my career before school. I recently obtained my AAB and I am still attending Univ. of Phoenix for my BS.
I like watching the Bravo, HGTV, and E networks.
I have a great admiration for people that run, so I am working on my running but I'm still in the jogging/walking phase.

I'm new to this type of site and I look forwarding to networking with all the great people here!
Hi Everyone!

My name is Myrna and my company is True Bellezas, the first online social network for U.S. Hispanic & Latina women! I'm married with 3 kids. I have such a passion for helping people and am looking to create alliances with people and companies that share my goals. I'm excited to join this website. It's great to see all the connecting!

My favorite shows are What Not to Wear and House.
I drink 3 big cups of coffee a day, love to watch my son play tackle football, and love my family!
Hola Amigos y Amigas, My name is Marie Castro. I lived in CA for 4mnths in Santa Ana, and also visited San Diego but am now back in Dallas TX. I am 31yo single mom to 4yo Karina. I am currently going back to school full time online pursuing a degree in Business Administration with concentration in Spanish/Christian Studies. I am community involved and do alot of volunteer work. I also enjoy reading, writing, dancing,singing and photography among many other hobbies. I like being culturally diversified.
My name is Jenn Marie Castro.
I am single with no kids.
I live at home with my brother, sister and mother and...we have three in door cats. I love having pets, especially cats. I did own a rescued dog but Willie, the rescued dog, died about six years ago. I would love to own another dog.
I worked at a community mental health center for six years until I was laid off in 2007. Since then, I decided to remain in school, finish up my Masters degrees while looking for part time, full time or contract positions.
I love to take pictures so you can almost always find me with a camera in my hand. I just resumed running as I am training for the LA Marathon.
My favorite TV shows are CSI: Miami and New York, ER, The Unit, Law and Order: SVU, and some Telenovelas.
I will eat and try almost any type of food except sushi.
I am a full time MBA graduate student at Woodbury University located in Burbank, CA.
I graduated from CSU Los Angeles with a M.S. in Health Care Management.
I am an alumnus from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo and East Los Angeles College.
I do plan to continue attending school in the up coming years. I am interested in a Doctorate degree in either Public Policy with an emphasis in Human Services or Educational Leadership.
Hello everyone,

My name is Claudia
I've been in Human Resources for 7+ years.
Single, no children.
I've visited California three times.
Enjoy: working out, reading, medical & computer subjects. Love to travel and socialize with friends.
Hi Vanessa, My name is Frank Haro, and I just started a company RESTA INC. I'm married with five kids, two of which are grown adults, one married with a baby on the way. The rest are two Girls 13 and 10 and one boy 11. I live in southern California, I love to meet new people and network. I had never joined a group like this until recently, I've joined Plaxo, Busness Connection and others. The sport that I follow as a fan is Basketball, Die Hard Laker Fan!!!! I also love Mexican food, Chinese, Sea food, I could really eat Mexican sea food everyday if I could, well I have allready said too much. Thanks Frank Haro President/ CEO RESTA INC. restacorp@gmail.com or restainc@yahoo.com
Hi Frank,
My name is Javier Maltese and will like to know what is RESTA INC. if you don't mine and how is working for you so far, I open a staffing office but is not working for me.
Thanks Javier
Hi everyone,

My name is Eddie Madrigal and I am out of Sacramento, CA. I enjoy meeting new people and connecting with others who share a mutual desire to see others succeed.


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