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Hello everyone! I'm so excited to see how much this group has grown in the last couple weeks! Thanks to everyone for joining and inviting your friends. Please continue to do so!

Since we're all new to one another, I thought I'd start a discussion for introductions. Tell us a little about yourself, whatever you want to share! I'll start.

My name is Vanessa
I am a Public Relations professional
I'm married and have no children
We just bought our first home
I'm a "dog person" yet I have two rescued tabby cats named Mr. Daisy and Buster
My favorite food is brick oven pizza with artichokes, feta cheese and fresh tomatoes.
My favorite TV show is Project Runway
And I am thrilled to be part of this group and look forward to watching membership and participation grow!

Your turn! What would you like to share?

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What a pleasant surprise. Happy to see you.

Group member Angie e-mailed me her introduction and I would like to share!

Hello California group, (Vanessa)

Angie Reyes English, city clerk and district director w/State Assembly. Born/raised
in great state of Idaho the state of the Russet Potatoes! I have 10 siblings all who still
reside in Idaho (the only nut to move from Idaho to LA early 80's). Married (veteran) with
three awesome adult daughters and new grandmother to one (Reina) new love of my life :)

Very active in many communities throughout the South Bay and Los Angeles former field
deputy City of Los Angeles. Member of NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected
Officials) great opportuntiy to meet and network with other elected latino's throughout our
nation. Enjoying traveling, camping, hunting, tubing, baseball, football, playing cards (poker)
(tomboy growing up w/ 6 brothers) Traveling to Houston and San Antonio this Friday 10/10.

Look forward to productive networking and making some new friends/colleagues. If I could
ever assist anyone here please let me know. I've managed to make lots of referrals and provide much resources. I always have information and announcements that benefit our communities.

Thank you for the opportunity and look forward to someday planning a meet and greet w/our
groups. Have a safe Columbus Day holiday on Monday the 13th.

I own a business, Bigger Than Your Block, that provides financial literacy workshops for youth. www.BiggerThanYourBlock.com

I have worked with youth for over ten years. I used to run programs (after school, truancy, etc.), however I am much more satisfied being able to create and deliver my own curriculum. I really enjoy working with at-risk youth, low income youth, and youth of color.

I love to read and dance. I have only lived in the US, however I have traveled to several countries. I'm trying to improve my Spanish. Right now it's a mix of Spanglish, Spanish de DR, and Spanish de Puerto Rico.

I did my undergraduate work in anthropology at California State University Dominguez Hills. I did my graduate school work in business anthropology at the University of North Texas.

I'm looking forward to making some new friendships through NSHP.
Hello everyone.

When I meet with you all, I will properly introdue myself in 5.5min. For now, I'll do the sparknotes version.

My name is Saul Lionheart Cuautle. I am a consultant in the ares of personal development, financial security planning, and international trade & merchant services. There are also side projects in the mix.
Single with a love for children and people.
Love dogs and my friend Mary is turning me on to cats.
My LOVE pizza, movies, reading/writing, and exercising.
Quite active in the community and I am always looking for more opportunities to serve.
If you need anything, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Train for you, train for life.
Hello Vanessa and everyone else. Native of Venezuela, I now live in Fresno, CA. I am the Quality and Safety Manager for JAIN Irrigation Inc. (www.jainusa.com).

I am active with the local section of the American Society for Quality, and with Engineers without Borders San Joaquin/Fresno Professional Chapter. I also teach part time at CSU Fresno - home of the NCAA 2008 Baseball Champions!. Anyone here from Fresno?

I am divorced and share time with my 13 year old son. We are both great soccer and baseball fans: he plays, I coach and watch. We both also became US Soccer Federation Referees about one month ago. It is a different game once you see it as a referee.

TV, ok. Do not spend much time there, but shows I usually watch are House, Numbers, CSI, The Simpsons, and TWIBB, to name a few. Now, radio, I listen to Radio Bilingue, La Calle 107.9 (Fresno), and in some mornings, The Luis Jumenez Show (through the internet.)

Looking forward to interacting with all of you.
My name is Xenia (pronounced: SE-nee-ah).
I am Salvadorean-'American'
I will be starting grad school in January, I'll be focusing on English Linguistics and teaching.
I am in an inter-racial marriage, my husband is Indian (Indian-Fijian).
I have no children but I have a lovely dog named Sol and a cat named Luna, both adopted from the shelter, both are my girls!
I love Thai food and Indian food (minus the spiciness!).
I love all types of dance, I was part of a Tahitian dance group for a year, I've done belly dancing and I also did capoeira for about 2 years (martial art combined with dance). And I really want to learn to salsa.
My favorite TV show is 30 Rock and I can't wait for the season premiere!
I am an avid crocheter and I can knit a little bit.
My name is Stephanie
I am a public affairs consultant
I own my own consulting firm: www.gmgroupconsultants.com
I am not married but have a great bf !
We have a parrot but I want a puppy! Campaign Puppy 2008 is in full effect.
My favorite food is sushi from Mobos in Santa Cruz, CA but I have found some great places in Sacramento as well
My favorite TV Show is Madmen
I'm really excited to be a part of this group as well, and having the chance to get to know other Hispanic Professionals!

pic to come I have this great dog, I am looking for a good home for her, you sound just perfect because she is so full of life, she's about six months old. I would only give her to a family without small children who can give her a good quality of life. Reason? Because I have 2 other dogs and one more on the way (another jack russell that belongs to my son, who's moving back with me)
Hi everyone!

My name is Rigoberto Galvez
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area via Latinamerica.
Have been married for eight years and have a two and a half year old boy, as well as two other boys from a previous marriage they are 19 & 16.
Currently I work for Seccion Amarilla, but the book will close very soon and I am open for new opportunities in the area of Customer Service.
I was a Mass Communication and Multimedia student in College, but I did not get to graduate.
I also work as a disc jockey, doing social and corporate events, specially weddings and quinceañeras.
My favorite hobbies include photography and spending time with my children.
Not much of a sports fan, or a TV watcher. But I like renting videos to watch with the family.
I am a meat lover (sorry veggie friends)
We have three dogs, Xica 8 (Chihuahua); Roxy 4 (Jack Russell Terrier) and Taffy (don't know the breed or the age since we rescued her from being a stray dog, she looks like a mixture of a mini gray hound and a rat terrier)
In my small home the TV is owned by my little boy Axel, who loves Sponge Bob and all the animated cartoons.

I am so glad I found this group. and would like to also invite you to visit another similar group for those who enjoy multimedia
I look forward to continue reading all of you.
My name is Rocio. I live in Modesto and work as a virtual technical recruiter.

I have 2 girls (15 & 9) and a French Bulldog pup.
My fav food: Thai
Music: Juanes, Coldplay, Jack Johnson
TV: Dexter, House, Dog Whisperer
Movies: Life is Beautiful

May this be the beginning of many new friendships....
hey rocio,
just looking into this job fair! say hi to the girls.
Hello, my name is Priscilla. I was born and raised in Dallas Tx. I am currently working for Ford Motor Credit Company 7 years now. I have been married now for 2 years this Oct to a wonderful man. My husband is from Hawaii, so we travel alot between Dallas and Hawaii. I love the islands and the freedom away from the hustle and bustle of the city every now and then. I have 1 very sweet little boy(8 yrs old ) and a little disobediant overactive little puppy named Yuki(pomeranian).LOL!!. Life is great i am truly blessed, i thank the lord for my blessings every day. I would love to visit CA some day. Is is definately on my things to do list. My favorite show is the MTV The hills. My favorite food is chicken and rice(mexican style of course) and ceviche. I am very excited to have joined this group. I look forward to meeting new people.


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