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Hello everyone! I'm so excited to see how much this group has grown in the last couple weeks! Thanks to everyone for joining and inviting your friends. Please continue to do so!

Since we're all new to one another, I thought I'd start a discussion for introductions. Tell us a little about yourself, whatever you want to share! I'll start.

My name is Vanessa
I am a Public Relations professional
I'm married and have no children
We just bought our first home
I'm a "dog person" yet I have two rescued tabby cats named Mr. Daisy and Buster
My favorite food is brick oven pizza with artichokes, feta cheese and fresh tomatoes.
My favorite TV show is Project Runway
And I am thrilled to be part of this group and look forward to watching membership and participation grow!

Your turn! What would you like to share?

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My name is Caesar

I am a Buyer in the Purchasing and Supplier Management Unit of VSP.
I am married, no children, no pets so I try to stay out of trouble. : - )
I enjoy my job since I get to help people spend their money.
My favorite shows are Nip/Tuck, Swingtown, Two and A Half Men PBS Masterpiece Theater.
We enjoy trying out new eateries.
I'm excited to meet new peeps and make some friends.
My name is Angie
I am an Executive Assistant for a Private Esoteric Laboratory in Valencia
Prior to this I worked in the legal fied for about 21 years.
I'm separated with 4 children (18, 16, 13, and 11)
I have two dogs, Pricess and Rocky.
My favorite shows are CSI, Criminal Minds, Two and a Half Men
I am excited about joining the group. I was introduced to this by my best friend and look forward sharing
information and making new contacts through this group.
My name is Angel.
I am a Controller currently looking for work.
I'm happily married, 3 teenage sons.
My favorite show is Heroes, favorite movie Young Frankenstein, favorite book The Count of Monte Cristo and favorite person my wife.
And I look forward to continue helping this network grow.
Caesar and Angelica, you're both 2 and a Half Men fans! That's one of the few shows that my husband and I both enjoy and will watch together!!!
My Name is Karla
I am the Manager of Government Relations for the California Grocers Association
I am married and am a proud US ARMY military spouse. We have no children, yet
No pets
I don't have a favorite TV show. I guess the answer to that is, I watch ANYTHING political.
Hi everyone!

My name is Martha
I am a newly wed, no children, no pets although we are looking for a pup.
As silly as it may be, we're entertained with Reno 911, Simpsons, Bizzare Foods and Anthony Bourdaine (sp?)
My husband and I are both artists and will post invitations for upcoming exhibits and events for Dia de los Muertos.
I love reading novels as I'm in the process of writing my own.
I enjoy various genres of music but addicted to salsa music.
After living in L.A. for 10 years, I recently relocated to Riverside...so I'm looking for places to meet young professionals...and salsa clubs ;)
I am a doctoral candidate (finishing this year!) currently applying to faculty and administrative positions.
However, writing a dissertation doesn't pay the bills - I'm looking for employment as we speak so if you know of an opportunity within the Riverside and Orange county, please let me know. I'm open for anything at this point.
I look forward to meeting new folks and make great professional connections and friends through NSHP!
My name is Steve
I am partner in Euro Bank Trust Co.
I am new to the Newport - Irvine area ( for 2 1/2 months been living in Hotels ) anyone in realestate?
I look foward to make new friends thru this group, and meeting you in any future events.
What type of financial activities are you involved in?
My name is Ricardo, and I work for NSHP. We've been working hard lately to create this new network for all of us to meet, share thoughts, network and help the Hispanic community.

I am 28 years old, originally from Venezuela but I've lived in New Jersey, Venezuela, Costa Rica and South Florida. I enjoy traveling and discovering new cultures, and meeting new people. My hobbies include any sport (preferably soccer and tennis), and I am a huge baseball fan. I also DJ on my spare time and have a very large music collection! I enjoy everything from bossa nova to house; including jazz, lounge, 80's, classic rock, and much, much more.

I studied Business Administration for 4 years, then transferred to International Business and later obtained my MBA in marketing.

I look forward to meeting all of you!
Hello Vanessa,
I am a recruiter for Intel, so if anybody is looking please send your resume my way. pamx.dixon@intel.com
I am and have been married for 35 years, to a great guy and we have two grown children
Live on 5 acres so we love animals, two dogs, two horses, chickens etc.
Not much time to watch TV, as I am always recruiting.
I too love how this group as grown over the past couple of weeks
Hello all, my name is Hector.
I am a mobile DJ (specializing in wedding ceremonies & receptions, corporate events, and private parties) and have been in the business for just over 7 years.
My full time career has been in customer service (various fields), however, I'm currently unemployed and looking for full time work.
I've been married 9 years and have a beautiful 2 year old daughter.
We own a home in the East Bay Tri-Valley area of NorCal, however, are originally from SoCal.
I love Mexican food (of course), as well as Italian and good old "Backyard BBQ style American food"!
My favorite shows are WWE (yes, you read correctly) and The Shield, with Sons Of Anarchy in a close second.
I enjoy making new connections with folks and hope to continue that on this site!
My name is Maria Consuelo Klink, but most of the people call me Connie
After 12 years of experience as Project Manager, Home Loan Consultant and Financial Adviser, I have now reach the point where I feel the need and desire to use my experience in a Public Service Organization, working with people and for people and especially with our Hispanic community. So I am looking for a job that fulfills my current expectations.
I'm married and have 3 teenagers (twins 16 years old and my princess 19 years old)
I live in South San Jose, Almaden area.
No pets
I like Colombian food (I am from Colombia), and of course I love to dance salsa, cumbia and merengue.


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