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63% of the 45 + million Hispanics in the US are accessing the internet to research news, check email and become involved with social networking websites. According to the Ipsos U.S. Hispanic Omnibus Study, the percentage of Hispanics that are getting online is often higher than other ethnic groups. Furthermore, more than half of the Hispanic online users prefer to surf the web in English. This varies with age groups, though, given that almost 40% of younger Hispanics prefer to access websites in Spanish.

Personally, I like a balance – I like to read news in the local language; I read U.S. and world news in English, but Latin American news in Spanish from local media sources. Although, I must admit most of my time online is spent surfing sites in English. What about you? What do you prefer?

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I prefer to surf in Spanish - 83% of Hispanics say Spanish is their first language. Perhaps this is more a reflection of the lack of Spanish Language sites, rather than US Hispanics perferring to read in English.
It may also be a reflection of the history and experience of many Latinos in the US. When my dad was kid, my gradparents didn't want him to learn Spanish. My family worked in the fields in Fresno and they wanted him to become as American as possible. As a result, my father doesn't speak Spanish. I didn't learn Spanish at home. As I grew up I learned to be proud of my Mexican heritage and took it upon myself to try and learn Spanish while visiting Spanish speaking countries.

Just a thought....

I prefer English also. Doesn't have to do with lack of spanish sites....has to do with English being my first language. There are soo many sites in Spanish for celebrity gossip, music, novelas and politics. Even US companies are translating sites into Spanish thinking they will harness the buying power of Latinos. Now you could say that the fact that there aren't as many Latino households with internet might be why this study is tainted.......just a thought
I gotta say I prefer the web in English, even when the available Spanish content is identical.
I am proud of my Spanish and my American heritages. I grew up speaking both at home, although my parents spoke mostly Spanish to each other, they showed us that it was also great to be a part of American culture, and we only spoke English outside of our house.
Yes, Spaniards are Hispanics.
me gustan los both


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