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Hello Everyone,

Do you have an interest or an occupation centered on training development or conducting training programs? Then please feel free to join our new group comprised of professionals in this area.

I will be posting information pertaining to the design of effective training programs in the near future and could use your input.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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This sounds great! I want to start building some training material and I am looking forward to do it in the most effective way.

Count me in please.


I am very interested in Training and Stafff Development. I am a registered nurse. Currently I am in my master's program for nursing education. Most of the careers available are for Nurse Educators in the college/university setting. I would prefer to work as a Nurse Educator for a hospital of training center. Would like to hear of any information you might have.
Andrea E. Fitzsimmons, R.N., B.S.N.
Chicago, Illinois
As a new development, we have now opened an English (ESL) academy in Central California where the ICAO Level 4 English training is also available as stepping stone into Aviation (Pilot) training; with 3 aviation schools under our roof, we can accommodate any student from any part of the world, teach them English and the Aviation language and get them an FAA certificate.

Our courses are listed in the ICAO Website. Eventually, we will be seeking Aviation and aviation English instructors . Nurses are welcome to check out our site since the aeromedical decision will also be looking for ECMO and aeromedical trainers.
We are currently working in virtual worlds for training in both PowerU and Second Life. If anyone is interested in more information please let me know and I am happy to share with you. These platforms are amazing for training. Not only can they provide the tools needed to extend training capabilities they also reduce travel costs, and enhance communications and collaborations.

Michelle Miakos
Hello Jason:
My name is Chris Horn, and I'm the supervisor for customer education & training for RefWorks-COS, a company that provides web-based tools and services for finding grants and managing research information.

I'll look forward to contact with you and other members of this group.

Chris Horn, MLS

I develop sales training programs and am always looking to improve on best practices.

Victor Antonio, Sales Influence

I have a huge interest in workforce training and development and look forward to your information on designing effective programs.

I look forward to joining your group.



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