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Hello Everyone,

Do you have an interest or an occupation centered on training development or conducting training programs? Then please feel free to join our new group comprised of professionals in this area.

I will be posting information pertaining to the design of effective training programs in the near future and could use your input.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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We always need trainers at Bigger Than Your Block.

Count me in!

Shay Olivarria
Bigger Than Your Block

Hello, please count me in. Thanks.
Great, I'd like to join up, how can I do that?
Jason, I am a trade consultant and sometimes I have to train a group of people how to trade, imports-exports.
And I guess one of the most important things when desingning an effective training program is to know what kind of people will be in your course, culture, eduactional level, etc. And knwo their expectations. So they do not fall asleep during the training.
Hello and thank you,

I have experience in training people in various walks of life, from the top executive who just needs to know how the program operates, to the final user, who needs to know the nuts and bolts of same program.. I was very fortunate in being a part of a B2B company, and afforded me the chance to travel not only here in the States, but abroad as well, such as Spain and England.

Do please, count me in.............


Mario G.
I would love to learn more about this group. Very interested. Can you provide more information.
We do have training...but mainly Certification programs for aeromedical personnel,. We include those in the Spanish-speaking countries including Spain and Portugal.

With ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) and FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) methodology and content, the program defines who is a true Aeromedical Professional.

We also provide EMS and prehospital education at our EMS Academy for the Americas at Fort Lauderdale.

Please count me in. I do workshops in professional ethics, lean, and total quality management. HOw does one join?
Rafael Moras
This particularly caught my attention as the fact that it is precisely the kind of activities that I been doing for several companies in Mexico and Venezuela

I function as a Corporate Trainer / Consultant for a variety of businesses, preparing, conducting and
coordinating the training and development for groups and individuals on:
Teambuilding Workshops and Managerial Skill Development Programs:
Front Line Leadership, Quality Enhancement Skill Training, Gemba Kaizen Workshops as well as
Labor Relations and Federal Labor Law in English and Spanish Languages, among other topics such as
Human Resource Administration and implementing the Performance Appraisal Program
Count me in !!!!
Hi Jason,

TriVergent International is a global coaching and training firm that has been serving companies such as BP, Unilever, Georgia Pacific, Toyota and many others over the past two decades through its partners, trainers and coaches.

I am part of TriVergent and I will love to join this group.

Our coming event will be on March 10, 2009 "Laid Off or Set FREE"
The link is www.LaidOfforSetFREE.com

TriVergent is offering $50 scholarship to deduct from the price as a NSHP member.

I hope to host many of you there.

Warm Regards,

It sounds very interesting, and I have experience on it.
I'm interested in learning more about this group.

Letty Garcia


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