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Hispanics and everyone should be concerned about hate groups. Unfortunately, there are certain beliefs that are derogatory and just like the beliefs and tenets that cultivate our morality, integrity, and overall sense of righteousness, those beliefs that hurt, marginalize, and kill others physically and/or spiritually are not only existent, but are nourished and passed onto others. Oddly enough, those that hate are free to feel, speak, and spread their hatred. In fact, many of them think their beliefs are moral. However, hate that drives individuals to physically hurt others is not a right to be exercised by hate groups, cliques etc. Unfortunately, these beliefs are capable of transcending into group (i.e., neighborhood, county etc.) cultures, and when this happens even the right arm of the law becomes parallyzed as its truth is woven with the threads of hate, thus making it impossible to understand righteousness or at the very minimum civil respect.

- Alma

ps: I signed the petition
very well put Alma!

You bring a perspective to freedom of speech that merits and warrants attention. In recent times, an ongoing discussion has brought to light the role of emotion in terms of rationale. The classroom experience that you discussed illustrates a double-edged sword within our constitutional rights, because you remind us that words can be very affective and effective in how they come across to others. How one perceives others' verbal actions will dictate their response(s) and/or reactions, and/or reasoning. As I read your response to the maverick student, I was quickly reminded of former news reports on children who have committed suicide due to instances of ostracism and/or bullying which comes in many forms (i.e., name calling and internet bashing). I think we need to acknowledge that reasoning is not an isolated occurrence, and is largely influenced by our felt experiences.
I believe all ethnic groups should be concerned about hate groups. Whenever there are bad times bad rhetoric's go around about ethnics group, mainly the Hispanics. Believe I have been living in this country my whole life and I could not believe the thing I would here. even from people who I thought were my friends. Anytime I hear or read somethings I get to the facts,
Everybody is biased and prejudiced about all ethnic groups to a level of concern. Some are more explicit and expressed than others. We should be concerned about Hate Crimes or Racial Profiling, rather than Hate Groups, even if they trigger incidents. As long as they are not infringing on anyone's rights or causing bodily harm to anyone, they have the right to express themselves, unfortunately. WE cannot compartmentalize groups, without knowing their agenda. Does someone hate me for being Hispanic, gay or lesbian or because of my religious belief? We do not know without individual incidents.
I'm part Hispanic, and I worry about my HIspanic family. They are such good people, and they don't deserve the hate that comes their way.


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