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PERU - Thinking about Vacationing in Peru? Save Your Money and Potentially Your Life!

PERU - beware of the corruption here!  Specifically, Lima and Cusco the tourist trap.

*You can be certain not to see this inside information in any Peruvian travel brochure or on any Peruvian travel website.

Aside from being the counterfeit currency capital of the world, this country is saturated with thieves, hustlers, and bull**** artists, as if a national pastime - not that I've been ripped-off on nine occasions mostly by men calling me "amigo" or pretending to be helpful - twice by women, one friendly and one over-friendly pick-pocket who slammed her body into mine, grabbing my crotch seeking a date, as I was minding my own business.

I think in general they like robbing if not conning the "gringo" - anyone who is an outsider, but especially those who don't look Peruvian. General love and good will towards outsiders are not general themes here. Perhaps it's because most don't understand the love of Yahusha and/or seem to resent Americans and European collective wealth and refinement and/or the foreign corporate resource take-over - that being their own governments fault.

Aside from disgusting public habits that I've seen on countless occasions, I don't recommend Peru for vacationing, as there's gotta be a hundred other places to blow your money on, even for Macha Picchu. The Macha Picchu mountain range has nothing over the Denver mountains and related rocky mountain range, the beautiful North Carolina mountain ranges, and the Canadian mountain ranges to name a few - it's just a fact. And if you want to see greater landscapes, go to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

Otherwise, there are some loving, respectful, and intelligent Peruvians that I have found. And the excellent selection of indigenous natural fruits, vegetables and herbs are bountiful - clearly the best part of Peru. Ultimately, between the Asian countries, US, Canada, and Europe, there are many more beautiful and exotic territories with kindly people to visit other than Peru - it's just a fact.

Besides I'm here for business and to help loving people, not for fun or vacationing, nor to be disgusted, lied to, or ripped-off over and over again.

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With 25,000+ members, the National Society for Hispanic Professionals is the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals.



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