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A few words of encouragement for those that are between jobs or looking for an opportunity to work: I have been where you are and thanks to my advanced age and numerous experiences, I can look back now and see what made the difference when jobs were so illusive. I recall losing a job after only 3-month, simply cause the Spanish newspaper that hired me could no longer afford me. They eventually went out of business, so they desperately needed what I did but opted to have what they were paying me back in their pockets. Very short-sighted, but many companies do that when they are desperate to converve or save. Anyhow, that's not the point here!

The point is that I came away from that experience wondering what I would do next. After carefully evaluating my strengths and assets, I realized that I could continue doing what I had been doing, but as a self-employeed consultant. Just cause I did not have an employer any longer did not mean that my services to the customers were no longer needed. In fact they were needed even more, because the customers had to have someone whom they trusted to give them direction on how to spend their advertising dollars effectively to reach the Hispanic consumer. So I started my own company with little more than a computer and a strong desire to provide good information to my clients.

I contacted the local Small Business Development Center and offered my services doing a seminar called "How to Reach the Hispanic Consumer" and it was a hit with many businesses. I joined the Chambers of Commerce and did the same for them. Soon I had clients from those who had attended my seminars and wanted to know more or use my services to help them implement their outreach program for Latino customers. Business was good and many of my clients eventually hired internal Hispanic marketing professionals (based on my recommendations).

I took the opportunity of my declining client base to take a position at a local community college helping with their efforts to serve the Hispanic community. Also, another opportunity that I created and that's the point of all this is to let you know that if you examine your strengths and assets, you too many have something unique enough and marketable that others will pay to have you do for their company. So don't be discouraged and don't think that finding a job is your only option. Look around your community and find out how you can take your talents, skills, and knowledge and put them to use in a whole new way. Contact me directly if you would like to brainstorm about ways to create your own opportunity. Best wishes to all.

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Outstanding, Mr. Hernandez. I am now putting your testimony to heart. Thanks for sharing with us.
Excellent information. I agree with you, you have to know your gifts. I love what I do right now but it takes me on the road a lot, looking to make a change but it's not easy. Do you recommend any good books or other info on how to make a change in career?
Career Change: Everything You Need to Know to Meet New Challenges and Take Control of Your Career, by David P. Helfand, Ed.D., LCPC, NCCC, 400 pages, 1999, VGM Career Horizons; ISBN: 0844242691.

Change Your Job, Change Your Life: Careering and Re-Careering in the New Boom/Bust Economy, by Ron Krannich, Ph.D, 336 pages, 2002, Impact Publications; ISBN: 157023194X.

Do What You Love for the Rest of Your Life: A Practical Guide to Career Change and Personal Renewal, by Bob Griffiths, Hardback, 308 pages, 2001, Ballantine Books; ISBN: 0345440439.


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