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Every day there are 27,000 Identity Stolen. However, the impact is not only on the victim, but on everyone in our society.

Less than 5% of the Criminals get punished, leaving 95% to enjoy their criminal winning.

What are you doing to help you and others? Mighty question, that not even law enforcement can answer.

What are your thoughts?

Ray Rios from Arizona, the # 1 State for Identity Theft

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Yes, a huge hassle. Back in 1998 someone opened a Sears account in my name with my SS# from an address in Brooklyn. I don't know the address, don't know anyone there. I fought the charges with the collection agencies, I signed affidavits, and I relentlessly pursued the removal of the bogus charges on my credit report.

Ten years later, I am still dealing with collections calls on that account. I tell them the same thing--not my account, I've been over this a hundred times, signed affidavits with law enforcement, and will never pay anything on the account. At which time, the collection agency sells it back to another of their affiliates, and the process starts over.

I've asked for the original document where I signed for that account, and of course that can never be produced since it doesn't exist, at least not with my signature. So we'll see. I wish I knew what the thief got from Sears which has caused me so much hassle--a power saw and a new dishwasher??????
Hola Alberto,

What he really needs is Real Help. All the AG's office will do is fill a piece of paper and filed it with the other 27,000 who are being victimized every week. They don't have the resources or intentions of helping with such a small issues. Unfortunately for the public, eh?


ps, that is why we need to let people know about the effects of IDT & the solutions available.
You are so right. Unless you have the right tools or the rights knowledge it is a nightmare. When you get a chance drop me a line. The company a represent has a Unique Identity Theft Protection service that; Monitors, and Restores to the Pre-theft Status.

Your story combined with our services would make a great positive impact on those becoming victims of Identity Theft.


Hi Tiffany,

Abel should add his experience to this discussion, don't you think?

Good Morning Tiffany,

Great picture. We should see you soon in many magazines. Could you or Abel drop me a line? 520-406-9630.


I joined with a company that promotes Lifelock. If anyone wants to use Lifelock or promote it and 300 healthy products en espanol and English please contact me at 3477247028 or siegel50@yahoo.com. Spread the word.
Hi Abner,

Thanks for letting me know. Please call me tomorrow 520-406-9630 or email legaleagle131@msn.com ,with more information.

Did you know that Life Lock charges you for the same calls requesting Fraud Alerts you can make Equifax, Transunion and Experian for no cost?

By the way, the $100,000,000 Guarantee is for $100,000,000 loss.

Talk to you tomorrow.
You are absolutley right! As a matter of fact I work for a company called Kroll World Wide and statistics tell us that unfortunately every 2.75/sec. someone becomes a victim of any sort of Id Theft. So is not "if", but "when" one will become a victim. I believe this is the biggest growing crime in America now a days.
I can help showing you the way to protect you and your family to get fully Restoration if you or someone had became already a victim. We are the only company in America that does Restoration and not just Resolution, so we work before, during and after the incident.

Please visit me for more information at : www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/apeniche

I will be glad to help you.
Hi Alvaro,

That is great to learn. Do you actually work for Kroll the Company and as an.Independent associate with PPLSI? We to provide Prepaid Legal Services and Identity Theft. We are in the Tucson Arizona market, but have over 4,000 clients across the US & Canada.

Which market are you working your Prepaid Legal business.

Check us our on the Profile of Success under the $100K Ring Earners.

Talk to you soon.

Crimeware is a type of software or software that was specifically designed for the implementation of financial crimes in online environments. The term was created by Peter Cassidy, Secretary General of the Anti-Phishing Working Group to distinguish it from other types of malware.

The crimeware (which should be differentiated from spyware, adware, and malware) is designed, using social engineering or other techniques generic online fraud, with the aim of identity theft to gain access to user data of accounts on-line financial services companies (typically banks) or by internet sales companies, in order to obtain funds from these accounts, or completing transactions not authorized by their rightful owner, who controls that enrich the thief The crimeware.

Women smokers

I do workshops for the elderly on the subject of identity theft as a rep for my bank. According to the Federal Trade Commission 1 in 3 Americans will be victimes of ID Theft in their lifetime. These stats are alarming as in 2003 10 million people were victims. And the trend continues to get worse. There are so many ways to be a victim and too much to discuss here but please order your free credit report at least once a year and verify it is accurate. I am happy to speak to your group or contact me if you'd like more information. Here are some great informational resources on the subject:

1.888.5.OPTOUT (turn off unwanted credit card offers)

Frederick Gomez


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