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Hispanic Keynote Speaker and Master Storyteller David Gonzalez Awakens a Classic Sleeping Beauty

Hispanic Keynote Speakers and Latino Speakers Bureau reported David Gonzalez, an award-winning artist, and international keynote speaker is presenting his latest work, "Sleeping Beauty," at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Gonzalez is a master storyteller who combines visual arts, music, movement and speaking to engage audiences of all ages.

David’s portrayal of a strong-willed, independent princess differs from classic versions the public is familiar with. In his storytelling version, David Gonzalez appeals to the audience’s imagination and gives the Sleeping Beauty a celebrity makeover, highlighting her feminism, courage, humor, and intelligence.

 “Clearly, David Gonzalez felt it was time to put a different spin on a classic fairy tale and steer away from stereotypes of the past,” said Leonor McCall-Rodriguez, president of Latino Speakers Bureau and NSHP member. “In his motivational and inspirational speaking as well as his performances, David Gonzalez stands out as an educator, award-winning artist, Hispanic keynoter, and advocate for the Arts.”

Latino artist, David Gonzalez, has traveled to 22 countries as an international keynote speaker, education advocate, and telling stories at corporate, professional, business, military, nonprofit, and education audiences in his unique way. For information on keynotes, programs, and commission for Hispanic speaker, David Gonzalez, contact Latino Speakers Bureau at 310-937-2789 or visit www.latinospeakersbureau.com

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