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Some say that, if you are not connected in some online network, you don’t exist. I guess this explains why online networking has become so viral. Which brings me to the “dress code” issue: when you are sourcing and you run into someone’s profile which seems otherwise interesting were it not for a less-than-professional photo, do you contact that person? (See attached examples.) This is my take on it: if I am looking for someone in a professional network site, such as LinkedIn or NSHP, I expect everything in the profile to be professional. So, when someone posts a photo of themselves making faces or glam-type photos, for example, this tells me their decision making ability is not very good. What is your take on this? Are there experiences on this subject you would like to share?

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very good examples of bad pics!! Funny you say glam type. I actually wish I had a better photo, instead of this "glam" type of photo that is on here but my computer crashed and I lost all my pics too. Eventually I will change it again!! However, theres enough judgement, prejudice, bias in this world that I try my very hardest not to judge a book by its cover. I just finished psych class and boy did it really open my eyes on how I communicate with people verbally, through body language, tone, everything and I did not realize I was more prejudice or bias than I thought. I think to some degree everyone is, to me its just how you think before you speak or react. Do you agree?
We all are biased about something. This is why we vote Democrat or Republican. Are Baptists or Catholics. Listen to rap or opera. You get my drift. Because we know this, how we portray ourselves should consider this. If I want to share a glam/Hollywood picture, I’ll mail it to my family and friends, I would not post anywhere on the net. Remember: if you advertise, someone will buy it. So, we should be careful with what we advertise.

Elza dos Santos

You bring up a very good point about photos posted on websites. I would have to agree with you in the aspect of presentation. I am sure that we all have our "wildsides" but when it comes to networking for professional reasons, you don't want to come off as a joke to the other person. Granted, in my photo I'm not in a suit, but it's also not inappropriate in any manner. True, "don't judge a book by its cover" but at the same time, "a first impression is a lasting impression". If you are serious about professional networking, you should put your best foot forward. It's just like going to an interview...you would not interview for a job wearing goggles or clothes that leave little to the imagination.
As we say in Spanish... "La primera impresion es la que cuenta" It means that the first impression a person leaves is the one that will last mostly in the business community. And, why not, in the social virtual society. Why not better ourselves by being authentic, but also keeping in mind that the attitude we show in the forst moment somebody notices us, is one that might perpetuate a stereotype...
I can agree but it would depend on what type of people you want to attract, the type of website the picture is posted on, and what message the person is trying to communicate to others.

Touching on the dress code issue: I have experience misjudgment and being underestimated of my professional abilities as a project manager. I don't dress with jeans, t-shirts, steel toe work boots everyday or have short hair and a nick name of Wendell or Webster. My personality is outgoing, fun, perky, happy, and talkitive contrary to what is expected of an engineer. But when I am able to give educated answers and able to discuss a project with other engineers its a shocker to them that my knowledge is far more than what they perceived. My point being we all make the mistake of judging a book by its cover.


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