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Although it is football season now and baseball has ended with the Phillys becoming champions, basketball is here! I consider professional basketball one of the most exciting sports to watch. If you can go to a live game, it is a whole new experience.
Who is you favorite team? And who would you like to see in the final?

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After baseball and soccer, basketball is at the top of my "sports to watch" list. In support to our local team, I'll go with the Heat, but pretty much any team that's not the Lakers will do for me.
I agree with the Lakers. Even though I am from CA, I do not favor any CA sports team. I hope the best for them but know that when it gets down to the playoffs = CHOKE!

I have been a Celtics and Sixers fan since I was 15 years old.
Sixers, naturally. I don't really care who they play from the Western Conference.
SIXERS!!!! Nice choice Rob.
Well, I'm a local and die hard fan so my vote goes for the NY Knicks. So far so good, they won their first game last night and with the new coach hopefully we'll do good this year, better than the last 3 or 4 years. I don't like the Lakers because they're too arrogant, starting with Kobe. I really don't care about The Warriors, Sonics, Clippers... I like The Spurs, Mavericks, Cavaliers, Nets, Celtics and Pistons. I'm so happy the season started!!! Go Knicks!
Rina, that is a good selection of teams you have. I too like the Spurs and Pistons. We will wait patiently to see what will happen with the Knicks. I would like to see them do better.
gooooooooo Dallas Mavericks, yeahhhh babyeeee, Yeah I didn't like basketball until I went to my first game in my 20's when Mavs playes Minnesota Timberwolves, My favorite sport of all time is Boxing, then Football, Basketball, Hockey, and everything else. I haven't gone to a live baseball game so I still find that boring but attempted to read bout in sports and watch, I just know who Josh Hamilton of TX Rangers is, he is awesome on and off the field. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak a week ago!
You like boxing first?! I find that interesting. I will have to start a combat sports blog later.
Good luck to the Mavs this year.
yep yep on the boxing, my dad was huge sports fan especially of boxing, football and he played pool so I just enjoyed wathing it, something bout two men fighting even the women, I like Laila Ali and Mia St. John the best and Hoya is my fav!! I was gonna be a boxer girl instead of a football player this yr for halloween but changed my mind, I used to subscribe to The Ring magazine, knew all bout the lederman cards, hbo fights, the classic fights all of it but not too much up on my A game with it anymore, with any sport for that matter. I don't care too much for UFC!!

Yeah a sports blog, that wld be neat!!!
Why don't you like UFC?
I just never really got into it. I tried! I don't like wrestling either.
I really do not watch UFC or Affliction matches at all. I'm sure that both are very entertaining to those who enjoy it but, I tried also and thought that boxing is much more exiting for me.


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