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At 6:27pm on January 31, 2010, Andrea Byrge said…
I noticed your profile and saw that you live in Florida. I work with the doctors who created Proactiv Solution and I am looking for some connections in the Latin communtity who might be interested in partnering with us as we launch our new product line in Florida, Puerto Rico and nationally. If you or other professionals with your cultural background might be interested, please call me at 407-687-8268. Thank You
At 9:24pm on July 30, 2009, Sandra M. Bueno said…
Hi Sara,

It's a pleasure meeting you and I am happy you have made our connection happen. I am involved with a ministry partner in West Palm Beach, Fl. that works with providing salvation, reformation and transformation to homeless people who want to change their lives.

The minister is Cuban-born and they left to Cuba this morning to serve over 500 kids ages 12-19. If you'd like to learn more, visit www.hopeandpromise.org or call 561-683-0707. Perhaps we will meet at one of the services/feedings at the Park.

God Bless,
P.S. Please read the article I posted "Youth Prostitution Feeding Cuba."
At 5:18am on April 16, 2009, Galeria Interforma said…
Hola Sara:
Gracias por el contacto, la verdad es que prefiero que me escribas en espanol, por favor.
At 4:41pm on February 3, 2009, Tony Delcourt said…
Hi Sara
I saw you are another Cuban, I currently living on Santa Clara,CA; is a pleasure know another from Cuba using the magic of the web, I would like to know more about your business.
At 4:12pm on October 15, 2008, Keila Spencer said…
welcome to our network :) and thanks for visiting my page!
great to have a new friend in Forida...

At 8:40am on October 15, 2008, Julie Caligiuri said…
We have a Hispanic Business Newtorking Cruise on November 18, in Downtown Miami. You can click here to register: http://www.hispanicbusiness.com/events/aflac/ hope to see you there.


At 9:06pm on October 13, 2008, Imelda said…
Hola Sara,

Me gustó tu respuesta a la pregunta: nombre de alguien a quien admires. Yo he estado muy alejada de Dios, pero estoy tratando de acercarme a él porque me siento muy desdichada, siento que mi vida no tiene sentido, no encuentro mi lugar en este mundo ni mi misión. Espero que Dios me ayude a encontrar por fin mi camino.
Por lo que leí en tu perfil, tienes una franquicia con la que ayudas a otras personas. De qué se trata? Yo estoy desempleada.

Un abrazo.
P.D. Me gusta mucho la música cubana.
At 3:49pm on October 13, 2008, Pieter Speyer said…
Dear Sara, thank you for your interest in my show. I am in the midst of covering the election and getting out the Hispanic vote. Most of my recent guests have been involved in the election process. I will be in touch when things settle down. The best of luck to you with your endeavor. Saludos, Pieter Speyer
At 12:04pm on October 2, 2008, Claudia Hernandez said…
Hello Sara, I would like to get to know you better too. I have a little time to spend chatting or e-mailing, but I'll stretch my time to be in touch. I'm also writing a book and that takes whatever free time I have left. I love it, and I'm pursuing a writer's career. Now I’m in the battle of finding who wants to represent me, and let me tell you, it is HARD!
At 6:22pm on September 23, 2008, Raul Ramos y Sanchez said…
Hi Sara,

Best of luck in all your ventures! Keep us posted on your progress.

Con mucho gusto,
At 4:54pm on September 21, 2008, Aurelio M Montemayor said…
At 9:31pm on September 20, 2008, Angie Reyes said…
Hi Sara,

How are you? Hope to find you doing well and in good health.
Attended a training this morning Camp Obama in Long Beach California getting ready to volunteer in Nevada Obama Campaign. 1,800 people showed up this morning to train .....
Awseome show of force and ready for change!!
At 11:24pm on September 18, 2008, Angie Reyes said…
Hi Sara,

Read your response and I can understand being a mother myself.
You mentioned you lost somebody is that right? Enjoy reading
everybody comments here this is all new to me. Thought I was getting into a website that caters to single individuals. Funny huh?? Well I'm not single but somethings feels that way with the
career path I am in. My husband hates politics and doesn't want
to be a part of it - the politic scene socializing that is. Attending a conference in Houston the first week in October. Its my first trip to Houston how far is it to San Antonio anybody know?
At 3:48pm on September 18, 2008, Silvia said…
Thank you
At 8:32am on September 18, 2008, Silvia said…
I am sending you my resume, as an attachment, thru my yahoo account to you’re Comcast email, the header will just say Silvia’s resume.

At 8:23pm on September 17, 2008, Carlos said…
Thank you for your welcoming Sara. It is good to know about the amount of Latino professional and I wonder why I did not sign in before. I look forward to great networking with everyone here.
At 8:02pm on September 17, 2008, Angie Reyes said…

Thank you for your email, nice to know that you also served in
public office (former sheriff). We have semilar interest reading
our profiles. Curious as to why you changed careers? I was
in the medical field also.
At 6:22pm on September 17, 2008, Gonzalo Padilla said…
Hola Sara,
I appreciate your prompt response. Since I am in the finance side of business, I would be interested in learning more about your companies and perhaps we may have a mutual business opportunity.
Have a great evening,
Gonzalo Padilla
Primera Financial Services, LLC
At 5:27pm on September 17, 2008, Karla A Seijas said…
I am Venezolana and would like you to send me some information on your company. June 2009 I will be moving out of state (not sure where yet) and will be seeking opportunities in Government Relations (that is my background). Feel free to send me information to my e-mail kcm7182@aol.com. Thanks.
At 5:06pm on September 17, 2008, Gonzalo Padilla said…
Hello Sara,
Thank you for your comments. I agree that we should utilize our contacts and work experience to assist each other.

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