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Why I am Passionate about Advocating for Youth

You have to wonder why something is of value to you.

You have to wonder what lies behind what you believe in, fight for, respect, talk about, are inspired by and are willing to work for.

In my life, I never became aware of these thoughts until recently. After years of self-development and spiritual awakening, I finally came to realizing that I am passionate about protecting youth because I have always lived from that youthful spirit within. In the process, I have felt the struggle and pain created by the beliefs, values, opinions, words, and choices of those closest to me. To the day, I still hold those feelings near me, and I witness adults hurting youth everyday.

While the world says "we should all smile like a child," and 'live life from a child's point of view," nothing in this world supports the safety and nurturing that children need to have in order to believe in themselves. Irrespective of what anyone says, adults have become self-centered, egocentric, corrupt, evil, manipulative and self-serving. The trust issue is a factor that now undermines the safety of a child in every situation. And those of us who care, must beware of this reality.

Parents and caretakers who are on the right path to serving and caring for their children cannot fully trust that everything around a child's life; his peergroup, the parents of his peers, the school and its teachers, the clergy, the doctors, the nurses, the caretakers and babysitters, family members, the products purchased, medicine given, food and water are safe and legitimately supporting the best interest and wellness of the child.

Peple say knowledge is power and that used to be the case before we realized a more deliberate awakening. Today's reality mandates we use knowledge to figure out an action plan and take steps to making a difference for the lives of our youth. People can no longer sit back and allow programming to take common sense away.

Parents need to get informed and stay on track with changes and opportunities. What and who says what is being introduced is correct and safe for your child to be a part of? Who does the change benefit, who is making money as a result of the change or the introduction. When a marketer adverstises a product that will supposedly cure, eliminate, support, nurture a child, what is the bottom line and what will the impact be on the health and wellness of the child.

Look for example at a Clorox Bleach Commercial on TV. It advertises moms should clean the child's bottles and tips in bleach! Ask any wellness expert not pushing conventional drugs and pharmaceuticals about the effects of bleach on the skin (the largest organ that readily absorbs every chemical introduced and takes it to the cellular level), the tissues, the cells, the nasal passages, the eyes, the internal organs. Never mind that a baby will be directly injesting residues of bleach with their feeding! I know I myself cannot even smell bleach as I immediately develop a skin rash and swelling around my eyelids and face. Imagine what it does to a child who is just developing?

What we all need to do is become empowered through becoming aware. Parents, grandmothers and caretakers, we need to step up for our kids. Nothing is more important than ensuring we do our part as adults to ensure our youth have a clear path to developing their potential; emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Today we have been given and being fed many options that create confusion and false beliefs. It is time we take action and resolve to do more than what we have done up to now.

Our youth need us and this is why youth matter so much to me.

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