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Top 10 Online Writing Tutorials for Modern Hispanic Leaders

No one’s born with language and writing skills. We’re all developing them throughout life, and some of us do it better than others. Now, because almost every person has access to the internet, building knowledge and skills is easier than ever. We get access to infinite amounts of information, so all we have to do is care to make progress.

In our modern world writing skills are essential for all professions, whether you are a blogger, writer, businessman, or a recruiter. Any profession you choose, you’ll have to deal with documents and writing, which can be a challenging task if you don’t have a natural talent for it.

If you’re looking to improve your writing skills, the web is the first place you should look to. There are plenty of useful writing guides, and they're not on just one topic. You can get access to guides that approach different styles of writing such as academic writing, business writing, and so on.

During today's post, we're going to take a quick look at the 10 most promising writing tutorials for modern Hispanic leaders.

1.     Business Writing Strategies - by Judy Steiner-Williams


During this course, you’re going to learn how to purpose your writing in order to generate business results. Business writing is quite different from the traditional writing you see every day. It requires different knowledge and expertise, and also different types of approaches.

This course will help you learn how to:

  • Structure your business message
  • Get support for your ideas
  • Understand your target audience, and then write for it specifically.
  • Choose the right tone and language
  • Come up with the most attractive outlines and topics


2.     Advanced Grammar – by Judy Steiner-Williams


Without grammar skills, you’re always going to encounter setbacks on your path towards professional writing success. It’s just like coding without coding language – impossible. Ideas that are spread through your texts will lose their value the moment your readers spot mistakes.

Advanced Grammar is a powerful course that lasts only 2 hours and 8 minutes and manages to teach essential aspects of grammar. The topics include verbs, tenses, adjectives, commas, semicolons, and so much more. If you have neglected your grammar skills, you now have to chance to fix that mistake.

3.     Creating Better Blog Content – by Virginia O’Connor


Blogging is a very promising industry that has continuously surprised us. Around the web, you can see plenty of successful bloggers who make a living out of their passion. But blogging has a big prerequisite for those who don't dispose of any serious budget: writing skills.

Check out Virginia O’Connor’s course if you’re looking to improve your blog content writing skills. You’ll get to learn the basics and a few advanced skills to improve your blog writing immediately.

4.     The Crafty Writer – Fiona Veitch Smith


If you’re looking for a professional creative writing resource, The Crafty Writer should be your first choice. Not only that it is free, but it’s also extremely in-depth written. The course is segmented in 8 online sessions, and it provides the necessary knowledge to learn and understand what creative writing is all about.

5.     Adventures in Writing – by Stanford University


Here’s a good Stanford University that’s designed to improve your communication and writing skills. During this course, you will focus on the following aspects:

  • Academic writing notions, skills, and practices
  • In-depth explanation of how language works
  • Understanding the audience that you’re writing for
  • Active and passive voice identification
  • Punctuation rules and practices
  • Developing and sustaining good arguments

Because Stanford University cannot distribute low-quality information, this course is suited for everyone who doesn't trust other writing resources. I forgot to mention that you can enroll in this course for free, so you can enjoy this quality educational course without paying big money for it.

6.     Editing and Proofreading Made Simple – by Erin Rickard


How nice would it be to edit and proofread your own texts and stop paying hundreds of dollars to other proofreaders? Erin Rickard came up with a basic, simple program that’s going to teach you how to make editing and proofreading easy. Once you’re done with it, you’ll be able to “take care” of your content every time you need it.

The course is split into 5 categories: checking grammar and spelling, checking the formatting, checking the style and tone, the formatting, and the content of the message. Surprisingly, the course is only 39 minutes, but it’s filled with useful information.

7.     Write Professional E-mails in English – by Georgia Institute of Technology


E-mail writing is basically a type of business writing, which is sent through e-mails. Now, you might be tempted to believe that writers who write good web content will also write good e-mail content, but that’s far from truth

When you write e-mails, you do it with a specific purpose in mind. Most of the times, it is a business purpose. This guide will teach you how to write effective e-mail using the English language. Moreover, you’ll understand how to structure business e-mails in such a way the receiver reads and replies to them.

8.     Writing Customer Service E-mails – by Leslie O’Flahavan


Writing to customers is not that easy to do. Once they gave you money for your products/services, they are expecting everything from you. That is why knowing how to approach your customers will make your life easier. Professionalism and diplomacy are keys, and Leslie O’Flahavan manages to teach them both.

During this course, you will understand how to:

  • Anticipate questions from your customers
  • Avoid cliché language mistakes
  • Handle impossible questions
  • Give satisfaction to your customers through your answers
  • Apologize when necessary

If you have a business of your own, the customer service you're going to provide will make a huge impact on your success. This is a beginner level course, and it lasts only 1 hour and 6 minutes – just enough to understand how customer service e-mails work best.

9.     College Prep: Writing a Strong Essay – Leigh Ann Chow

If you want to improve your academic writing skills, here’s a very good resource that’ll help you do that. Writing good essays is always going to help you in school, but not only. Knowing how to handle academic writing will unlock many doors in your future career, and it’s not even that hard to learn.

During this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Organize your essay ideas and structure
  • Start with a powerful argument and sustain it over time
  • Organize your sentences’ structure
  • Revising what’s necessary
  • And MUCH more others.

10. Writing to Be Heard on LinkedIn – by Daniel Roth

If you didn’t know by now, LinkedIn is the best social media network that addresses professionals from all over the world. If you want to connect, build relationships, and find opportunities, a professional LinkedIn presence is necessary.

Even though there are millions of people who have already joined the network, very few people actually understand how content works on this specific network.

Daniel Roth came up with a comprehensive guide that teaches professionals how to do better on LinkedIn. Writing interesting headlines, targeting your audience, sharing tips…these are all powerful skills to have if you’re using LinkedIn for professional purposes.



Writing effectively is definitely going to make an impact on your professional life. It’s basically a skill that will always be leveraged and put into action. Once you master a particular writing niche, you can also make money out of your skills or get a very good job.

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Chris Richardson is an editor and a blogger from London. He is also a part of Essay Geeks service team. Chris finds his inspiration in writing. Meet him on Twitter and Google+.

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