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The Need And Importance Of Disaster Recovery Planning

The greatest disasters are never planned. And yet they happen so devastatingly perfectly. 98% of the business felled on 9/11 did not recover, and scores businesses met their end with Katrina as well. Unfortunately, disasters come in varying degrees. What is considered to be minor to one can mean the end for another. The difference between a business surviving or ending is a plan. Intelligent strategizing now can save time and money, and quite possibly your entire business, when the time comes.

A comprehensive plan begins with a thorough analysis of your IT requirements and a cost analysis of each preparedness measure. Each business process must be considered, sales, accounting, customer service, etc. Every company of every size has some incarnation of these, whether they are the responsibility of whole departments, single employees, or a portion of the responsibility of an employee. Regardless of this, the importance to the business is immeasurable and oversight can be devastating.

Once analyses have been completed, the recommended procedure is for IT administrators, business users, and executives to jointly set policy for company-wide crisis response and operational recovery. The plan should also detail the measures your company has in place to limit the negative impact of a disaster. Of course, this plan should be a living document, expanding and changing with the needs of your company.

Finally, an assessment of the current systems need to be made. With the proper equipment, including uninterruptible power supply systems, off-site backup media and good networking equipment, disaster become much less devastating.

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