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Many people forget how important it is to praise employees and co-workers. People feel great when you point out that they are doing something well. Praise goes beyond the feeling good part to improving morale, motivation and productivity. Think about it for a moment; would you rather work for someone who praised you or one that never notices you.

Leaders and supervisors benefit greatly from praising their employees. People are willing to do more for you if they think you care. Here are some tips to incorporate praise into your workplace:

1. Praise each person once a day if possible.
2. Praise about performance not physical attributes.
3. Catch people doing something well and praise then.
4. Don’t expect praise back, give and let go.
5. Don’t worry about looking weak or insincere.
6. Keep praising until you’re an expert at it.
7. Once you’re an expert, teach others how to do it.
8. Make praise an ongoing activity.
9. Praise people you don’t like or know as well too.
10. Praise yourself.

I frequently get questions along the lines of, “Well, what if the praise comes across as fake?” I’ll let you decide how to deliver the praise. It’ll sound genuine if you really mean it.

Companies and organizations that encourage their employees to praise each other experience great benefits. Start praising today and see what it can do for you.

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