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Are you facing domestic violence charges? Domestic violence charges can be anything from assault, harassment, endangering the welfare of a minor, trespass, burglary, robbery, sexual assault, attempted murder, and even murder! Most domestic violence charges filed against people, however, concern assault, or aggravated harrasment related offenses. The Bronx District Attorney has decided to treat domestic violence charges very aggresively. The District Attorney believes that by treating all domestic violence cases seriously, future acts of domestic violence will be reduced.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is essential that you obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Just because you are facing domestic violence charges does not mean that you are guilty, or that you remain a serious threat to others. Most domestic violence cases concern a misunderstanding that has spiraled out of control. An experienced criminal lawyer will study the case in detail, and bring to the attention of the Bronx District Attorney, and the Court, all of the facts of the case, not just the facts stated by the complaining witness.

If you have a date in court for a domestic violence matter, call Alexander Sanchez, an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer. Mr. Sanchez has over 30 years experience, and has handled thousands of domestic violence cases ranging from simple assault to murder. Mr. Sanchez is a Fordham Law School graduate, and is called upon regularly to appear on National News Shows discussing major legal issues. He has appeared on CNN News, The Nancy Grace Show, CBS News, WPIX, and many other news outlets.

Do not hesitate. Do not wait. Early intervention is crucial. Employment, immigration, housing, security clearances, and a criminal record, can all be affected by a domestic violence offense. So, call Mr. Sanchez. He knows the system. He knows the players. He knows the law.

Alexander Sanchez, Esq.
860 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10451

http://www.AlexanderSanchez.com ;

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