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Psychiatric Medications and School Shootings

Eric Harris FOIA Dr. Peter Breggin obtained the autopsy report. The Dr. stated that Eric Harris had an effective level of Luvox in his system at the time of the shootings.
I can remember Time Magazine stated that Eric Harris had deliberately stopped taking Luvox to fann his anger.
Brit Hartman/Phil Hartman, Kip Kinkle, Joseph Wesbecker, Andrea Yates. These psychiatrist do Know What They Are Doing by causing the patient to go through withdrawel. Oh yes and Wenatchee WA the ergot poisoning and the hellucinations violence and false allegations of child abuse. And the recent incedent at Red Lake High School. I can relate to the situation. What do the officials do with the Special Needs Monies? They certainly don't use it to counsel troubled youth when it is self evident that Jeff Weise's father comitted suicide, and his mother was being hospitalized because she had sufferred brain injuries in a car accident. Poor KID! And at schoool he was surrounded by bullies. People can be cruel! Then the video games that get sold to younger children and older chilren. The violence I hear is shocking. Get a grip America. And the pharmaceutical companies back up the campaigns for these people who are supposed to be public servants.
And the Internet has an Adoption Link through the good old DHSS can show all of the children that are availabe for adoption. I'm sure pedaphiles look at the faces of the State Kidnapped children.
What about the CYA and the new program "Books Not Bars"? They are finally getting it, after my sons have suffered so much and so have other children and families. Is this what Reasonable Efforts is all about. They say parents are none compliant when the don't want to take these drugs nor put their children on this doctor induced iatrogenics. Creation of diabetes, fybromyalgia, etc.
Couldn't they see when there is a suicide in the family this can be devastating. We need grievance counceling and advocates taht care. Not people who just want to are there for a car payment or house payment. What profit they are making at the expense of the poor. They allow it. they encourage it. When will it end?

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