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Paula Caplan author of "They Say You're Crazy"

Paula Caplan is Canadian and she can truly be at LIBERTY to say anything she wants to about the American Diagnostic Statistical Manual. DSM.

Also Vera Sharav is involved with the Alliance for Human Research Protection. AHRP. Latest news Scientists forced to take money and not disclose information. Maybe we can get something on the National Institute of Health's website. Next project. The lady that did the report is Sheryl Adkinson from KCBS radio. I hope I spelled her name correctly.

Also another wonderful and informative website is ENW Emergency Nursing World.

Now you know why I am doing this work. To hold these people accountable and to bring about Changes in government.
James Uttershine is another website. He believes Gov. Scharzeneggar will set precedant for the rest of the States. They are complaing about homelessness but our society has now created a new generation of homlessness. The Mondale Act is the history of the beginning of the exploitation of children for money.
And the black marketing of children and them being kidnapped by the State.
And warehoused. They keep the stats on children that die while in their custody. See Profane-Justice.org. They drug them into behavioral health facilities, straight jackets and institutions and still collect Special Education money. Then the courts don't release them because their circadian rythms are not functioning normally. They say they are not cooperating because they don't sleep like normal people. GIVE ME A _______break.

My son is worth millions of dollars because of the negligence on the part of the shrinks and the Pharmacuetical companuies. They won't allow him to go to Soteria House or to any of Dr. Peter Breggin's doctors. Such as DR. Riccio. They have the best attorneys also. It costs money. I"vee worked my off.

And It ain't over till it's over. They rob my children of their time with FAMILIA. Taken away their religion and put them on dangerous drugs with serious side effects.

Maybe you don't care. Maybe a jealous outsider can report you and they come in without a search warrant and strip search your kids. Or maybe they will set you up because you are on Medi-cal or Medicaid. It's like stealing candy from a baby for them. Their attorney's are looking out after their countie's Best Interest. Not your children's. And if you do have problems get help.


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