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Our 40-foot container carrying 4,500 gallons of paint for Dominican Republic has been released.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!! We got some great news and beautiful photos from Gustavo Caesar (Motley Mission Crew, projects in Santiago, Dominican Republic), of him and the neighbors unloading the 40 foot-load container of paint. This was the final indication that the 4,500 gallons of paint that has been held up in customs since October 4th last year has been released. According to Gustavo, 1/3 of the paint has been distributed to the local residents in Los Mameyes, La Salsa and Los Gomez areas that got hit by the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in our time, and the disaster currently affects 25.4 million people in the Caribbean and Central America.

Our efforts consist of renovation of local houses, churches, privately owned stores, schools and community centers that are now used as shelters. Gustavo asked each family to choose the colors they would like to paint their home and then the painting has begun. Today we are delighted to report to you with a great smile of gratitude knowing more than 50 houses are painted already and hundreds local residents have received the paint to beautify their homes, local churches and schools. Many local residents are thankful for the paint and say that all their bright colors will bring them hope and happiness. This has brought tears to our eyes. Here are some homes just painted last week. And soon we will get more pictures and even maybe a video of great progress in the region.

Global Paint for Charity is proud to support Motley Mission Crew’s efforts on the ground in Dominican Republic with this shipment. Our sincere thanks to the UPS Foundation for sponsoring the entire shipping costs, but they also picked up the tab for demurrage costs in Dominican Republic.

We are grateful for using our donated paint and supplies to make the difference during this important time. But it will take months, even years for everyone to rebuild quickly and replace what have been lost. Please consider making a donation to support our projects. Visit us online at www.globalpaints.org/donate.php and to learn more about The Project Santiago please visit http://projectsantiago.com/home.html 

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