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New radio station to target younger Hispanics

Univision Radio has started a new radio station targeting South Florida's young Hispanic adults, 18 to 49 years old. The company said La Kalle 98.3 FM (WRTO) primarily features reggaeton with a blend of salsa, merengue, bachata and Latin pop. The Miami station formerly was a salsa-specific channel, also known as the tropical format. The change in format makes WRTO Univision's eighth radio outlet to broadcast a market-specific version of the La Kalle format. The first is in New York and began operations May 27.

Los Angeles-based Univision said it will disclose local on-air talent in the coming weeks. In the most recent Arbitron ratings, for spring 2005, the station, broadcasting in its old style, was ranked 15th for the area.

The measurement, listing stations by the highest average number of people listening for at least five minutes during a 15-minute period, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight, put WRTO under El Zol 95 (WXDJ) 95.7-FM, which Arbitron listed as sharing the Spanish tropical format.

Also in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market, Univision runs:

* WAMR 107.5 FM, an adult contemporary station, which, in the Spanish-language format, may include romantic music, as well as international pop hits. That station ranked No. 5 in the most recent Arbitron ratings, the highest of any Univision station.
* WAQI 710 AM, a news/talk channel, which ranked No. 6.
* WQBA 1140 AM, a news/talk/sports outlet, which ranked No. 22.

The company, which has its local office in Coral Gables, said its Spanish-language stations in Miami-Fort Lauderdale serve a Miami population that is 43.9 percent Hispanic.

Read more: South Florida Business Journal

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