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New Low Cost Airline for Mexico - U.S. Travel

MEXUS Airlines, Inc., Announces Online Survey To Identify What Travelers Want From A New Low-Fare Airline Flying Exclusively Between Mexico And The U.S. Company seeks 250,000 respondents this month to bilingual survey at www.FlyMexus.com

MEXUS Airlines, Inc., owner of the nation's newest low-fare airline concept, has launched www.FlyMexus.com to collect opinions and travel suggestions from the more than 15 million people who travel between Mexico and the United States each year. Respondents' input will help shape a new option in convenient low-fare air travel between the U.S. and Mexico - welcomed news to cost-conscious families and business travelers alike.

In order to meet the needs of current and future travelers, MEXUS Airlines is inviting the flying public to take a travel survey at www.FlyMexus.com.

MEXUS Airlines plans to offer point-to-point international service only, and is not seeking point-to-point routes within the United States.

Texas-based entrepreneur Ash R. Huzenlaub founded MEXUS Airlines, Inc., which was incorporated in 2004 through Ashco Group, LLC. Huzenlaub will lead MEXUS Airlines as chairman. Among his top priorities is recruiting executive-level operations personnel who have significant experience working for low-fare carriers; Huzenlaub already is in talks with several qualified candidates.

"MEXUS Airlines wants to be the low-fare carrier that unites North America, and we are interested in working with other like-minded carriers to offer low-fare options to travelers throughout North America," Huzenlaub said. "The low-fare revolution has spread across Europe with great international airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, and most recently Vueling in southern Spain. They have proven that you can successfully and profitably offer great international low-fare service, even in today's economic environment."

José Alfredo Lugo, chief marketing officer for MEXUS Airlines, added: "Our goal is not to criticize other carriers or go into business simply to be another carrier competing for the traveling public's money. MEXUS Airlines is being developed to offer a low-cost alternative that is very much in demand by air travelers, and we expect that this new travel solution will create meaningful economic benefits and political benefits on both sides of the border."

Addressing the current state of the airline industry, Huzenlaub stated, "For years, the writing has been on the wall, telling us that U.S. airlines needed to change their business models because the hub-and-spoke system is badly broken, and the airlines have additional burdens of intense debt and unsuccessful management practices. The United States is fortunate to have Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and soon, Virgin USA setting the stage for the next generation of our domestic airline industry. I hope these airlines continue to flourish as it will make a healthier airline industry. We must encourage elected officials to recognize why these low-fare airlines are the future of U.S. domestic transportation. Year in and year out, low-fare carriers prove that their business models create profits, happy customers and happy employees, all of which are critical for the stability and health of our nation's air transportation system."

MEXUS Airlines intends to be a major component of the continuing low-fare revolution by launching a service to meet the needs of millions of people and businesses that want a low-fare option brought to Mexico-U.S. air travel.

More information about MEXUS Airlines and its survey can be found at www.FlyMexus.com.

The company plans to release news and updates via the MEXUS Airlines corporate Web site exclusively until formal launch plans are announced later in 2005. For more information about MEXUS Airlines, please contact the company at info@flymexus.com.

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