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MyGrito Social Network Launches Political Page, TU GRITO 2008

Currently the only Latino social network site to offer presidential candidates an opportunity to reach the Hispanic community

BURLINGAME, CA (May, 2007) – MyGrito.com, America's first bilingual social network site targeting the Latino population, is ecstatic about the launch of "Tu Grito 2008." Through this page ( www.mygrito.com/candidatos), presidential candidates are offered an opportunity to create a profile for MyGrito.com members to familiarize themselves with each candidate. The Hispanic vote is becoming vital to the success of the race for presidency and with this fast growing site, Latino voters can find answers to their political questions.

Launched in January 2007, MyGrito.com has attracted members from across the country and Latin America. With its bilingual angle, it provides a site Latinos can call their own. MyGrito.com has shown stability with this fast growing population as a top 20,000 site in the US (Alexa.com), surpassing popular sites like elhood.com and vostu.com. With a steady monthly growth of 55%, this site has definitely found a niche within the bilingual community that was not previously being served. MyGrito.com will be Latinos' choice of communication from New York to Los Angeles and anywhere in between.

MyGrito.com is proud to partner with organizations like AIM TV that promote success among Latinos. The owner and CEO of AIM TV, Robert Rose, knows the importance of this new generation of Latinos and has launched a grass-roots effort to change the way Neilson Ratings sample and interpret their data. "Websites like MyGrito fill a void for young American Latinos on television created by Neilson's erroneous sampling of US born Latinos," said Mr. Rose. LatiNation, a weekly TV magazine produced by AIM TV, recently featured MyGrito on their show (www.LNMas.com ) and the response was overwhelming according to Irene Audet, owner of MyGrito.com. "These are our future voters," said Ms. Audet. "We are building MyGrito for them and trying to add features that will keep them informed and prepared for the future. That is why we're launching Tu Grito 2008. So presidential candidates sign-up!"

For more information or to order a media kit please contact Irene M. Audet at (650) 353-9200 or visit www.mygrito.com/candidatos

MyGrito.com is a bilingual online center of communication, information and entertainment for the Latino community. It is the only Hispanic social networking site that embraces three languages effectively: Spanish, English and Spanglish.

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