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Latino Keynote Speakers Offer Event Industry Job Resources

In an effort to provide online support to Latinos who work in the event planning and training market, Latino Speakers Bureau announced that it will offer free 90-day Job postings on its site, latinospeakersbureau.com.

“We hope to contribute to the Hispanic candidate-job connection process in this struggling economy. We often receive queries from our clients about diversity candidates, so we want to do what can to help Latinos access these job opportunities in our field”, said Leonor McCall-Rodriguez, a long-time member of NHSP.

“We also encourage Hispanic small businesses looking for candidates with language and/or cultural skills to search the community talent pool, using Latino websites, like NSHP.org. There is also a talent pool in our disabled group, and organizations like Familia Unida Living With Multiple Sclerosis in Los Angeles are working to build awareness of the abilities of people with disabilities”, McCall-Rodriguez concluded.

Latino Speakers Bureau is a division of Mira Promo Inc., California Corporation serving the Hispanic market since 2002, offering a directory of keynote speakers and Hispanic market business development solutions. Latino Speakers Bureau is a trademark of Mira Promo Inc.
Leonor McCall-Rodriguez

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