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Latina Launches In Language, In Culture Insurance Agency

Redondo Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 8, 2007 – Leonor McCall-Rodriguez, a long time NSHP member is launching One Voice Insurance Services on March 16th, the result of 11 agents coming together to serve the California community with in language and in culture resources.

“Every agent on this team has already been successful in his/her own community, but we believe that in order to better reach the uninsured and better serve a growingly diverse demographic, there is an opportunity to come together to offer a diversity-focused solution to insurance shoppers”, says McCall-Rodriguez, President of One Voice Insurance Services.

Based in Los Angeles, One Voice Insurance Services wants families and business owners alike to know how life and health insurance work and the choices they have available to them. It is truly a quality-of-life service agents seek to provide, because they believe that helping people navigate the world of insurance and find affordable plans is not just about language, but also about culture.

“Even people who speak fluent English can find that when buying something as complex as insurance, it is easier to work with an agent that better understands their culture and consumer expectations”, McCall-Rodriguez explains. “This is why we are launching a common network of agents who can be reached online, by phone or in person, to begin the insurance dialogue with consumers of different communities", she says.

“With 6.7 million people lacking health insurance in California, for example, we feel that this in language, in culture approach is an insurance shopping solution whose time has come”, she concludes.

Services of One Voice Insurance Services will initially include: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Farsi. One Voice Insurance Services is a California corporation with licensed California insurance agents. www.onevoiceinsuranceservices.com

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