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I want your opinion... what is he saying...really...

This is an email someone send me and want your opinion on it..
thank you.

Hey Juan Carlos,

Do not send these conversations through (company) mail.
Let me start with saying that this is not a personal attack on you. I have the upmost respect for you and I hope it is mutual.

Some things have really been bothering me lately.
If you remember our conversation at the last cocktail hour at (place)CC, we discussed Americans not speaking more than one language and I agreed that we are lazy about that.
I started thinking about that and you know that all American schools have foreign language classes and most require that a student take at least one class.

That said I wanted to remind you that I go to restaurants and other businesses where I hear nothing but Spanish, so now who is lazy. Mexicans in Texas speak Spanish 95% of the time and the worst is I hear their kids only speaking Spanish. Most Mexican people do not want to assimilate into American culture. While I have no problem Mexicans keeping their traditions, they have no desire to respect ours. An interesting example of Texas born Mexican heritage person that speaks with a Spanish accent is (co-worker), she was born in west Texas but has a Spanish inflection, Why? Because I am sure her parents spoke very little English, Why because they probably didn't want to. Is that really wanting to be an American?

You as a successful immigrate should be sad that so many Mexicans have no desire to truly assimilate into society, I suspect that it is because many are not legal. I DO understand that they want a better life but if that is so why don't more of the educated Mexicans wish to make their own country better so they don't have to be criminals by coming here illegally?

Folks like yourself should desire to go back every year and work with others to bring Mexico's economy up closer to the United States.
The more Mexicans that come here the worse Mexico becomes.

I always hear that Americans won't do the jobs Mexicans will do. Not true, as a matter of fact I have probably done every type of job that most Mexicans do these days. I have dug ditches, mowed lawns, owned a self run Landscape construction business, worked many years in the irrigation installation business, worked construction, washed dishes, and mopped floors. I can wire a house, Plumb it, frame it and roof it. So the only reason people say Americans won't do the jobs Mexicans will is because the immigrate will work for less because they do not have the education and/or are illegal and don't speak english. "Illegal" adds up to being used as slave labor or at least at very poor wages.

Before I moved to Texas, I was raised in Oklahoma, I had a lot more respect for Hispanic folks, but since I have moved here I have become more and more dis-enchanted with those groups of people. Why? because I see that they have no desire to be a part of America, just make the better money , get the Government freebies and send much of it back to they homes in Mexico and other Latin American countries. They burden our hospitals and all social programs, but let me say there are many Americans that are also doing the same.
Does that sound like someone who REALLY wants to be an American? I don't think so

I don't believe in giving away anything to folks who do not deserve it, American or not. I do believe in giving a helping hand on a temporary basis to get folks back on their feet but not for them to live on Government assistance their whole life.

I feel if someone wants to be an American citizen they should want to speak English as often as possible. I truly believe our country should be English only. It cost us millions of dollars to translate government documents into Spanish and other languages.

I am sure this is upsetting to you, well it is upsetting to me as well and this is why I felt it necessary to start a dialog with you. Maybe you can enlighten me to where I am wrong or where I am misunderstanding issues.
So take this as an opportunities to help me better understand. In guess you could be offended by this but if so I will miss our friendship.


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Comment by Rudy Alvarado on June 2, 2009 at 7:54pm
I just read this and wanted to respond. There are some valid arguments from all sides, but I do feel our Mexican brothers and sisters who come here should learn the English language. My mom is from Mexico and she learned the language and earned her citizenship. When I go back home all we speak is Spanish and I am very proud of that.

Nancy, you mentioned that illegals do pay state taxes using someone else’s social security. That’s identity theft and in no way should we ever make that an excuse that someone is paying taxes when you do something illegal. Years ago I had someone use my social security number to get jobs. I ended up having to go through a whole ordeal with the IRS since the person who used my SS didn’t pay enough taxes since they knew it wasn’t theirs so I ended up with the bill. Whoever did this research didn’t ask those of us who were violated.

Recently my family and I got into an argument with a family friend who was busted in a raid. He came to the states over 15 years ago and used various SS numbers. He used one of a deceased person and worked a job for 10 years and earned good money so he and his family lived comfortable. He also had 5 kids and never paid a dime to the hospitals since he had fake information. His life and that of his family adjusted to the nice income he earned. But now because he never learned the language or culture of the USA his family is suffering because he can’t find a job. Had he worked at becoming a citizen I think the outcome would be different.

I’m not being insensitive at all, but I do believe that everyone who wants to prosper here in the greatest nation on gods green world is by all means welcome to do so. There is a reason people from all over the globe come here. A couple of years ago I promoted an employee into a management position…years ago he dreamed of coming to America and he wanted a piece of the American dream. He hopped on a ship and came all the way from Gambia, learned the language, became a citizen and now he lives the good life. I am the first to welcome those who want to prosper under our constitution….freedom, liberty and your pursuit to happiness. It is not the government’s job to guaranty that, just to give you the opportunity to do so.
Comment by Marie Castro on June 2, 2009 at 6:50pm
I am just now reading this email and this made my blood boil. I have a friend that I have known over 10 years, she is an apt locator and real estate broker, she had been on the news also around the time when the news was discussing getting illegals out of Farmers Branch. She says she has nothing against hispanics but I feel otherwise, I had sent her some cultural events and she replied to me saying please do not send me emails regarding hispanic events, I am in no way interested in these types of things. I could not believe it as I was trying to send her cultural events and yes it just so happened most were hispanic events. I live in an apt complex that is dominated by illegals and many different Hispanics and yes I know some that do not care to conform to America's traditions and ways and I think that is negative but so too goes with Americans that think only English would be beneficial here. According to US Census bereau Hispanics will be the majority in 2014. Most reside in Texas, California, Arizona and I forget what other state. Did you stay friends with him?
Comment by Janelle Meraz Hooper on March 27, 2009 at 11:54am
One of the other readers described your friend's letter as a rant. I think that is a very good description. No ideas, no solutions, just uninformed opinions.
Wiser people than I will speak to the garbled issues your friend raised. I would like to focus on one part: Mexicans who don't speak English. I can't speak Spanish. Does that mean I don't really want to be a part of my Spanish family? Not true! I have a stack of language books and tapes. I barely know more than how to order dinner in a Mexican restaurant. I admit, I'm a language dummy, but how are we supposed to learn another language when we're exhausted from just trying to keep our heads above water? How about someone giving us a solution instead of just criticizing? For instance:
How about making learning more assessible? How about, maybe, having lunches where we would only speak the language we need to improve in?
Or, how about asking others how they learned? One man told me a good way to learn Spanish is to start with watching the news and weather on TV.
Here's another idea: slow down, you guys! Geez, Louise! All of my Spanish friends talk faster than I eat chocolate! Janelle
Comment by JP on March 13, 2009 at 10:50am
Your friend is one of many U.S. citizens who are upset at the "whole" illegal immigration issue. His rant is a way to get it off of his chest. Next time you talk to him, tell him that you read his email carefully. Then, adk him if he feels better by letting it out. If he does not, give him a chance to vent some more. Don't say a word, just listen.
Comment by Robert F. Segovia on March 12, 2009 at 10:56pm
In a Free Democracy all opinion's should be heard, without repercussion, regardless of how radical they may seem.

John McCain was a leading Republican proponent of a 2007 bill that would have established a “guest-worker” program and provide a path to citizenship for most of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the USA.
(With a "Guest Worker" program all potential immigrants and their families could live in peace while contributing billions of dollars to the economy of The United States.)

The measure also would have tightened border security (Tight border security includes not just the entry and exit of people, but also the effective screening of cargo at our ports and other points of entry to discourage terrorism.)

The bill also supported sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants, which would have encouraged applications for the "legal right to work" and eventual citizenship if desired. The bill also emphasized worker skills for visas instead of family ties and connections.

The bill did not get a vote in the Senate, and died from lack of consensus in both parties. McCain didn’t agree on every provision, but called it “a very good starting point.” After its failure, McCain noted that, “The American people will not settle for the status quo — de facto amnesty and broken borders.”

The point, regardless of what one believes is the correct path, is that NO ACTION WAS TAKEN. This illustrates why ALL Americans must get registered to vote, get involved in the Democratic process and instigate progress instead of just complaining or even worse, DOING NOTHING!

My opinion is to just do something by getting involved and supporting political candidates that will represent "WE the people!" Peace!

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