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Hispanic Speakers: A Message Helping Communities around the World

Since its founding in 2003, community involvement has been staple activity of Hispanic speakers at Latino Speakers and its affiliates as keynote speakers "walk the talk" for social causes. Despite grueling travel itineraries and professional activities. members of  speaker groups such as Best Keynotes, Latino Best Sellers, Latina Speakers, and Latino Speakers Bureau  use the stage and their celebrity to support communities  and speak at fundraisers though many quietly contribute hands on support as well.
"Latino Speakers have the opportunity to make a difference in lives and with that they apply themselves to work hands on for communities and causes they love," said Leonor McCall-Rodriguez, founder of Hispanic keynote speaker groups.
Dr. Joachim de Posada, bestselling author of "Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet!" speaks to youth-at-risk across the United States and in other nations he travels to, stressing the importance of focusing on success and the principle of delayed gratification. De Posada also took the time to work call center phones for donors to Haitian relief efforts in 2010 and can be found serving food on Thanksgiving to families at a local center. Tony Plana, award-winning actor, producer, director, promotes literacy and education. Dr, Karina Reyes offers insights on how to create a safe classroom, boost academic achievement.  how community members can work together in urban settings to reduce dropout rates and teen pregnancy. Jimmy Cabrera, a leading motivational speaker in diversity, recently joined a Houston congregation on a faith-based mission to Latin America. Pegine Echevarria, in honor of her own children's military service, supports numerous activities of military causes and military families, Echevarria also authored a book on mother-daughter relationships and frequently addresses women's groups.  Shayla Rivera has toured Iraq and Kuwait to bring a welcome moment of laughter to U,S, forces serving there. Marcus Goncalves raises funds for food banks in the Boston area. Pepe Serna uses his one-man shows to promote tolerance in communities around the nation. Funny celebrity speaker Debi Gutierrez, educator and award-winning actor, comedian talks to teachers and parents about relationships and love. A national tour by Dr. Andy Erlich takes his message of resilience, stress management, and diversity to parents and special needs educators and is especially devoted to those dealing with autism. A Yoga master, Dr. Andy also speaks to many professionals in high-stress jobs such as policemen, fire fighters, emergency responders, health care and government personnel as well as service men and women. sharing valuable tools for their work and personal lives. And Victor Antonio, an award-winning University speaker helps students understand the power of focus and commitment, based on his book, The Logic of Success.
Herself an advocate of cultural competency in health care, Bureau founder, Leonor teaches employers and families how to navigate the health care system and most recently has been speaking about what health care reform means to Americans. Recognized as a diversity leader in Southern California, McCall-Rodriguez has served on numerous boards such as the Weingart East L.A. YMCA that offers a safe, healthy location for family wellness, Famila Unida Living with MS, a multicultural resource for the disabled in L.A. directed by Irma resendez, and is a strong supporter of The Wall Las Memorias, a nonprofit for HIV/AIDS prevention and education led by Richard Zaldivar.
"Our work gives us a voice and the ability to reach audiences around the world. We believe that we all can make the world better, one act of kindness at a time. This vision drives the work of our Hispanic motivational speakers," concludes McCall-Rodriguez. For more information, call 310-937-2789 or e-mail speakers@bestkeynotes.com

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With 25,000+ members, the National Society for Hispanic Professionals is the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals.



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