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Today is The International Women’s Day, a wonderful occasion to celebrate and thank the wonderful women who have supported us around the world, and especially those we helped in the poorest communities in developing countries.
Since we started this organization, women and young girls are at the center of our most successful projects. In Honduras, Guinea and Haiti, we empower girls and women living in the poorest neighborhoods to paint and uplift the spirit of other women in their communities through our free paint program. And through our Paint my City’s Murals project, our volunteers paint schools and orphanages which help save many lives, and thanks to their efforts, single mothers and young girls, especially in developing countries, are able to put a layer of coating on their furniture and craft products to attract local customers. We also shipped as many as 5000-6000 gallons of paint at a time to countries in the Caribbean, Central America, the Middle East and Africa to meet the needs of their communities.

At Global Paint for Charity, we understand that the paint shortage affects many areas in the world, where communities lack even the most basic need and materials to uplift their people and empower women in urban communities. For the world’s poorest communities, home isn’t just where the heart is. Dirt walls and neglect communities are not attractive to tourists, putting those who can’t afford paint, not only at the greatest risk of life-threatening and infectious germs but also lack of economic opportunities, and women and children are the most vulnerable to these circumstances.

We can't thank you enough but there's still a lot of work to do, when we paint a classroom we empower young girls to dream big, we give them hope and passion for creativity, we empower the whole community. With your help, we’ll continue to do that for many more years to come. Please click on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oMy-Id-uS8&list=PLG1DoBmAqAupCzVpV36t1PKVYAc9fva1E&index=7 to share this video with your wife, mother, sisters, daughters, nieces, co-workers and friends. Each time the video is shared, another person has an opportunity to make a difference in their community, and help us change lives one gallon of paint at a time. Because of very generous people like you, hundreds and thousands of family homes, schools, classrooms and orphanages are painted, and the creativity and hope for girls of being an artist would have never stood a chance. We're changing this - one gallon of paint at a time. Help us provide paint to beautify homes and schools, change lives and change the world together. www.globalpaints.orgThank you for all you do to support Global Paint for Charity!

Happy International Women’s Day


Rony S. Delgarde

Founder & President

The Global Paint for Charity, Inc

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