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So another career day went and with setting of a giant ball of fire we celebrated this passing with cold alcoholic liquids held tightly in a crystal cold cylindrical shape made of a mixture of silica obtained from beds of fine sand and then pulverized. As we licked our battle wounds we recounted our stories of triumph and woe, though in this instance mostly was woe. If you want the synopsis go to the bottom.

So the story is like this, unlike last time on a cold snowy December morning where people hibernated more which produce a latency in them showing up, the room was bustling at precisely 9:00a.m. with the warm bodies of our competitors whose sole reason was to snatch any positions that might be available before we got there. This was very surprising to us as I had commented to my comrade in arms that this would not be so. Actually the plan was already in jeopardy of failing, even with the delay at the sign in table we agreed to push on.

As we entered the arena we realized that the intel that we had received prior that night was not correct and even worse was the inaccurate map which caused the room to be filled with what seem lost lemmings running in circles trying to make out where to start. This did bring a slight smile to our faces as it seem to level the playing field or even give us a slight advantage. In the state of confusion we decided to improvise and we went straight to the US Cellular both only to be thwarted by the recruiter when the following words came out, “Sorry we have no technical people here so I can take your resume but apply on line”. In my defense I responded with the battle cry of “ but I have applied on line to these positions”, which I judicially pointed out to on my excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately this was a conversational train wreck, that would lead nowhere but to the land of frustration and misery, with his final dagger of “Thanks you did the right thing”.

At this point in a drunken stupor like a first round head shot, I turned around to notice that the room had almost tripled in people, there were old faces but even more new faces, faces that I remembered from my early career at Motorola. I was shaken but not out for the count, as I started to look for must next destination, I realized that I would have to swim through a ocean of engineers, marketing professional and senior directors. As I started moving I felt the emotions of all the people around me, confusion, hope, happiness, naivety, and fear all slowing me down to my destination, but I threaded forward to Navtec. As reached my destination I found myself in line talking to a marketing female about how she felt lost and out of place surrounded by engineers. I asked if this was her first time at a job fair and she said “yes because of all the years she had been working there was never a need”. She said that she had applied to a job on line at Navtec that met all her qualifications to the tee, but was still worried. While talking to the recruiter I noticed her smile of joy when the recruiter affirmed her evaluation of the job, and told her to send a soft copy of her resume to him. I was next to talk to him and in passing she said how happy she was, which actually brightened my day with a sign of hope as I went to pitch my wears to him. As he looked through my resume he was very excited about my architecture and GPS knowledge. He said unfortunately that all his positions had been filled but that in June there was going to be another big hiring if everything went to plan, and that he would like to have me work in his organization if something came up. At that point commenced on my attacked and told him of the positions that I had already applied for where he said good that he would pass that along to the hiring manager but he still wanted me to send him a soft copy as he would prefer to work in his organization based on my background. With a long sigh I took his card and turned away but a little happier that were a slight possibility.

As I stood there realizing that I was completely cornered by a wall of people, I remembered that my strategy was not going according to plan plus I had lost sight of my comrade in arms Ted. Finally as I darted like a snake through the grass I saw Ted I stopped him in mid tracks to discuss the current situation. He stated that he was feeding of the energy of the people and was extremely excited but that he need to incorporate more buzz words into his resume. At that point I told him my discussion with Navtec and he said that was where his compass was leading him to. As we parted ways I said I was going to go and talk to cardinal Health. The line was extremely long and the wait and after showing him my resume he looked and asked if I had applied to the Principle Staff engineering position as that was my title, where I acknowledged that fact. What I later found out he was the a hired gun from Cardinal Health and not actually belong to them. As the day went on there were more grenades and less happiness. In fact one of the comments from one of the vendors was that they really didn’t expect to find anyone one here but wanted to come.

By this time it was nearing high noon and my last two stops were going to be Zebra and Man Power Professional. I decided on Zebra as I was determined to get a rubber zebra for my little girl even though Ted suggested that I just go run up and get it. As I waited in line I talked to the other people about what their trial and tribulations were. Finally I got my chance with the Zebra guys and as started my 30 sec monolog he basically stated that there were no position in Zebra, which would have been alright but he didn’t even look at me and was looking around counting the invisible seconds ticking in the air. Internally I was screaming at the top of my lungs at how much of an idiot he was and had no couth. Didn’t he realized as l looked back at the amount of people that were there in hopes of hearing some decent good news. Externally I smiled and said thank you and reached for my zebra with not even a look back.

My final stop was with Man Power where Ted had been in a hold pattern for the last 45 mins. and holding my spot. As I reached my turn with the recruiter I realized that the day would be over and I would have to make the decision on whether to head down town with John to another circus of recruiters or to go an ascertain some substance both emotional and physical. Well that would have to wait within the sea of my thoughts as I was trying to finish my conversation with the recruiter. In our discussion his most important question was what I was looking for, which by the way was the first time someone really asked me that question with actual belief. As I went through my speech he stated that the process was going to be that they would review the resumes and hand them to the appropriate recruiters where as they would contact us. This remark resonated a memory of the last event that caused without thought a vocal reaction from me. I stated that last time I was told this I called the associate at man power, left a message and was never heard from again. He was stupefied with the comment and said that please call him that he would get back to me. “We will see”.

That was the last of the day and Ted and I walked outside to lick our wounds, where his were apparently less. As we talked and debriefed what we learned it became obvious to us that recruiters we talked to said the exact same thing to each of, the only difference being was that Ted took it as just another day and I thought that I was actually making progress..

So this leads back to the beginning of the email of where we ended up last. So if I had to sum up my experience yesterday I was mostly disappointed at the lack of respect and enthusiasm from the recruiters, but I guess in a buyer’s market he has jobs is king. So was it all horrific, no but do I expect a job I would say around 10% chance. Did I network yes, and I did get personal contacts from people which is always good. So in the end we will see what comes. I hope I did not bore you with this email and thanks

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