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Dallas/Fort Worth: NSHP's first Group Of The Month

Congratulations to the
Dallas/ Fort Worth group on the NSHP Network! This group, which currently has 55 members recently held their first networking event and had 35 attendees who had a great time. They're already planning their next event, a cookout, or even an overnight camping trip at a local park! Great work, members of the DFW group! You are a shining example of the value of personal and professional networking. Read about their past event, and plans for their future event here, in the words of group member,
Robert Segovia
The first National Society of Hispanic Professionals-DFW Meet & Greet was a grand success! At Gloria's we enjoyed a relaxed ambiance of festive Latin beats while networking with NSHP members, their friends, family and all the while getting to know one another. The food was excellent, the drinks were cold and the staff was attentive. Even though this was our first DFW meeting, it seemed like we had long known each other. Some came and went as the evening wore on, but most all stayed the duration of the evening.. Another large dinner reservation delegated us to the patio where the cold evening air reminded most it was time to go home. All in all we had between 32 to 35 attendees who marked the beginning of NSHP-DFW, which will serve as a professional network for business opportunity as well as a vehicle for social interaction. While we shared ideas for future activities we welcome more input as to what type of events we would like to partake in! (Museums, Cultural Events, Charitable Activities etc...) We encourage everyone to be on the lookout for exciting activities that may be of interest to groups within our membership, and we’ll ensure that the word gets around. Right now we are planning a similar meet and greet for March, but because of the turnout we will graduate from a “restrictive” restaurant table format, to a more secluded seating area format to allow a little more flow for conversation. Our apologies go to those that had to squeeze in or sit at a separate table or at the bar in order get some breathing space. Special thanks go to Eliud Jimenez who initiated the group and Marie Castro who assisted with direct marketing of this event to get the word around. Marie as well as Mrs. Juan Chaparo assisted me with picture taking at the event, which will be posted on NSHP soon. The real thank you belongs to ALL those who attended this event and those who WILL participate in future events to make NSHP-DFW a professional networking success!

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Comment by NSHP admin on February 26, 2009 at 2:38pm
Congratulations, seems like a good event!

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