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ICFDA.org is asking for people to contact President Bush on the Christopher Pittman case and also,the South Carolina Dept. of Probation andP
arole. Well all I have to say about that is "Lots of Luck". George Bush senior apparently has heavy ties to the Pharmaceutical companies and so does George W. Bush. That is why you can talk until you are blue in the face and they won't hear you . President Bush appointed Sally Satel.
See Coalition Mind Freedom. This ----- is into forced drugging , she is not Titration friendly.
See Lawsuits against Eli Lilly and other. Remember Columbine? Eric Harris had an effective level of Luvox in his system at the time of the shooting. The families sued Eli Lilly. They keep my son under conservatorship because they know thaey have burned out his pancreas and caused his diabetes and almost killed him. El Dorado County bought a burial plot for him. They have my youngest son on psch drugs too. This is retaliation.
These court should be Rico Acted. The Judge is not a Doctor, remember. I need Doctor Peter Breggin's help and so does Christopher Pittman.
And the police dept. gets sued if they harrass or injure a mental health patient. On officer was on Prozac and commited suicide.
Where was ATF when they ordered the ammmunition in Eric Harris's father's name. Do I have to be every where at all times? And when will I receive a pay check? And what's going to happen when Nanotechnology bursts their bubble. And they start creating medication for individuals not one size fits all. And they need to stop boiler plating the legal papers. People won't even bother going to court. You know you won't win. the money from the Federal govern to the states keeps them in jos.

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