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The new law in Arizona making it a State crime to be illegal will allow police officers to stop anyone that they "suspect" to be an illegal immigrant is wrong.

This is the Federal Government's responsibility, not the states.

Let's use some common sense here. A police officer in Arizona knows that most illegal immigrants there are of Mexican origin. Also, most illegal Mexicans have tan skin and dark hair. This means that most of the people that will be targeted will be all of those that are Hispanic or Hispanic looking. Hispanic looking can mean people of Italian, Portugese, Indian, and Native American heritige too. This can quickly degenerate into a White vs Brown situation. So, police officers will start asking for official papers to verify someone's legal status. We, as Americans don't have a National ID card. What about all American Citizens who don't have a passport? Most American citizens don't walk around with a passport in their pocket. This is a complete unAmerican overreach on the part of the state.

The Obama Administration should file a legal challenge to this law immediately. They should also get the ball rolling on the Immigration Reform debate. Besides the State politicians in the state of Arizona, I also blame the Federal Government with this crisis. If the Feds would have done their jobs better, we wouldn't be in this mess. The Federal Government has not controlled the border, allowing for criminals in the drug smuggling, human trafficing and prostitution trade to increase their activities. Not to mention the potential for terrorists to come in and do us harm.

We need politicians to show some bravery and start debating Immigration Reform. This means discussing issues of amnesty, temporary or permanent work programs, fines, better control of all borders, not simply the southern one, etc..

We need to fight this law in the courts. Demonstrations are fine, but they need to stay peaceful. We as Hispanics need to educate ourselves with all political and economic issues in our country. Read about all issues, register to vote and vote. If you can become a Citizen, do it. The time has come for all Hispanics to become engaged in this country's issues, not just immigration. It's our country too.......

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